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Never saw it in action, but we did sea trials early on in the piece on the Big E, couldn't get over how small it was compared with the cabs we had then.
It was a period of entering the unknown. A couple landed at Portland on the Helo spots. They successfully managed to melt the tarmac and left a couple of craters. After that, the North side spots were redone but with reinforced concrete!!!!!
A tiff I worked with on 771 ended up flying them. Bumped into him at Fairford RIAT. Had a good look around his.


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I've not looked at these pics, but they are of last week's air show here. Hope it isn't a waste of pixels!

ETA - click on the picture to see all the photies!
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Must try harder! There should have been 64 pictures and now I can't find the site again!

Make do with these!


ETA - have y'all clicked on the picture above (original post)? I just did and it brings up all the photies.