One for Pontius


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He's gone from this thread, unless he resurrects under another name when he'll be gone again :)

And I hope he enjoys the 2 points I said I would give him if he deliberately put a BS on a specific post, which of course he did.

Every point builds up to an automatic ban and if he tries to create new call signs they will be banned each time.

Does not stop him liberally spreading BS and dumb everywhere in the meantime though, sadly, but if he starts that then we go straight to ban.


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To keep things moving here is proof I have managed to put a cab in the air.
Also shows the lovely conditions we had to work with.

Edit to add that no filters were used in the photo. It is all the dust and sand in the air.

afghan and christmas 09 044-2.jpg
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Anyway - all round to my gaff, sit on the terrace and watch all the airey planes! It's going to be low 30s, so bring some Factor 4. Last year we thought the Eurofighter was going to fly in our front door, luckily for all concerned, he banked!


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