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I have Norm on ignore but I see your replies , if as Waspie says peeps no longer post /have left the site because of his disruption then he should be warned to wind his neck in , not banned as the few times I unblock him he is comedy bronze in that he is so pathetic. The only way to treat Norm is like a soap opera/sods opera , he delights on winding the site up.......turn it back on him and create sum laffs.


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A lot of BS has been awarded recently and since the ban. I didn't think you could do so when banned or is that only on the other site when on ROP's?

To get back onto the aviation theme and tieing in nicely with Wafus here is a link to having a Spifire flight from Daedalus.

It still gets me when I see the classic form flying over my house. Having a few low level passes would be good as well but the regulations won't let them.

Daedalus Spitfire flights

View attachment 62579

And as I read your post, the iconic aircraft flew over my house in Arreton, IOW, at 1928.

(and I'm baffled by the bullsh*t awarded to the post !)

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What is the internet for? What is Google for? What are encyclopedias for? What is the point of getting the information you seek and then typing it all out in your own words instead of cutting and pasting? Of course none of these on line aids are of little use if a suitable search line is not entered.
A bit like the doctor who charged £225 for curing his patients knee pain by striking it with a little hammer -- £225 for tapping it with your toffee hammer? The patient expostulated.

It's £25 for striking it with my little hammer the doctor explained.
It's £200 for knowing where to strike

A bit like using Google et al intelligently. Not merely cutting and pasting but knowing just where to cut and paste from. Aye there's the rub.
I geuss the answer to that is, why cut and paste without relative comment and the reason for cutting and pasting in the first place - you are a strange old man lanky - three badged wally.


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I don't know why y'all don't just put him on ignore. That way he can say what he wants and only wrecks and dredd get to see it. He's managed to totally derail this thread and this isn't the only one.

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