One for AngryDoc - relationship between Stroke Volume and Blood Pressure

Here's a question for you:

on a recent PULHEEMS, I had a resting heart rate of 45 and a BP of 132/82. The former tends to indicate I'm quite healthy, the latter that I have relatively high blood pressure. The Doc taking the test suggested that I might want to lower my BP as it would help my heart.

To the specifics of my question - to my mind if my heart needs to pump the same amount of blood around with less beats, every stroke will have to be at a higher pressure. Am I missing something rather basic here? Or is it possible to have a low blood pressure with a low heart rate?
I am no doc by any means but I know when I was at my peak fitness during my marathon period last year I had a low BP with a pulse of 42 so from that I know it's possible to have both Alfred. The science behind I don't have the answer to.
Again I'm not a man of medicine but if dig deep to my O Level Physics days Pressure = force x area. If the force is constant (heart large enough and in good enough nick to deliver what is required at low bpm) then the area could be the problem, i.e narrowing of your pipework (arterial bore).

I can't wait till AD shoots me down in flames! :)
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Nursy told me that if you add 80 to your age that would give you an indication of whereabouts your upper BP should be, 52 Alf ?.:brushteeth:


Alfred - I am afraid you go to the back of the physiology class.

Cardiac output is the volume of blood pumped by the heart every minute. Your thinking that a low heart rate should be accompanied by higher than normal blood pressure would presume that everyone's cardiac output is the same. This is not true. In fact, a low heart rate with high blood pressure is a sign of impending death: it is called the Cushing response and usually reflects a rapidly expanding haematoma in the skull (usually post-trauma), pushing the brain down towards your spinal cord.

Whoever said your blood pressure was high was being a bit ****. Your BP is within normal limits. Yes, towards the upper end, but still normal. Your reading is better than mine was at my last PULHHEEMS and if anything it may have been subject to "white coat syndrome" (blood pressure higher when being measured).

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