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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mr2_paul, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. or anyone else who has been in the same boat..

    i passed my RT, interview, eye test and 95% passed my medical..

    the navy doc wants me to do a peak flow diary because i told him that i was prescribed inhalers 4 years ago because of "suspected astma"

    so i went to my GP today so i could get a peak flow meter, and while i was there, i asked her to check my prescription history.

    turns out. i was prescribed another "blue" inhaler on october 2007 :? this was because i went to see the doc to get nicoteen patches. and she asked me if i needed anymore inhalers.

    i said "no" and that i lost my others since a yr and didnt feel i needed them (i chucked them because i dont have astma!). she prescribed me another blue inhaler as a "precaution"

    now.... is this going to stop me getting in?or can i prove i have not got astma? i am pretty cheesed off with my GP. as there is no personal service there anymore and they never really diagnose anything properly.

    i am a smoker and am getting 600 - 650 on the peak flow (quiting smoking starting now)
    my girlfriend is a non-smoker and never been treated for astma and she gets 400 - 450 on the peak flow.

    so in my eyes. my lung function is pretty damn good! and i run every day with no problems and play rugby 2 times a week with no problems..

    please can someone put me at ease :(
  2. anyone???
  3. Patience mate someone should answer soon
  4. Why not send Angrydoc a pm?
  5. lol.... dont know
    think i might acctually
  6. Well 600 to 650 is pretty wel within normal limits.I think it all hangs on when you last had recourse to use an Inhaler.
  7. i last used the inhaler 4 years ago... used for a day or 2 and just stopped. i used it as and wen the doctor told me to.. not because i was wheezing or anything.. and when i stopped and realised it wasnt doing anything and there was no need for it, they just stayed in the kitchen draw until i had a clear out and chucked them
  8. I had asthma as a child and it hasn't affected my application in any significant way.

    I was advised however, to get a letter from my GP detailing all available information about my asthma history in the hope of negating the need for the doc sending a questionaire to my GP.

    I had to pay for the service but the doc seemed pretty happy with it at my medical.

    Certainly do what the doc says and keep a peak flow diary. Probably best to check with your medical examiner as he/she may have already sent off a questionaire in which case you'd just be wasting money getting your GP to write a letter.
  9. yes, hes sent a questionare.. i asked my doctor today if she had it yet and she said no, but its no hurry because u have to keep the peak flow diary for a month anyway.

    i really hope the doc passes me as fit :( i wish i refused that last inhaler now, because i never used it
  10. Fingers crossed for you mate. Hope you get the results you want.
  11. PM'd and, hopefully, answered!
  12. my mind is now put at ease... for now :)) im going to change my doctors aswell.. this 1 has done nothing but ruin my life!

    1st saying athletes foot was excema wen i was 16 which defered me from the army... and now prescribing me an inhaler wen i didnt even need it
  13. I'd say anything preventing you joining the army was a good thing :D .
  14. lol... yes...

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