One for all aircrewman

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Feb 22, 2014.

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  1. Just a finger movement away:wink:

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  2. Nice one. Never had to cut a wire - been close once or twice!!!!

    I did electrocute Hesseltine if thats any consolation!
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  3. Do tell Waspie....:pirat:
  4. Taking him from Pwk in a 819 SK to rv with one HM's black underwater jobbies.

    Hovered over the deck, got him in the door and started lowering him down. Deck party were waving the earthing pole around and missed the winch wire. (We had been airborne a wee while and there was a good covering of cumulus clouds so we were charged as buggery with static!!!!)

    Bet you know what's coming - yup - they caught his hand with the earthing pole!!! His already sticking out hair stuck out even more!!!!

    After a short while we recovered him back into the helicopter for a transit to Coulport. Got him strapped in, plugged in. So I asks the question.

    "S'pose a pay rise is out of the question?"

    At the de-brief I got a right bolocking from the Capt of the Aircraft, (Lt Prince RN). Everybody else thought it funny - even the big man.
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  5. Waspie, some people just do not have a sense of humour! But it made me laugh!
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  6. When I was on Victorious I used to have access to the Wafoo's magazine, memory's going, I can't remember the bloody name!
    There were always topical safety notices, in cartoon fashion, and the shapes that could be made out of a Wessex were phenominal.
  7. The flight safety mag was 'Cockpit'.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

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  9. Maybe here is the reason for direct entry aircrewman in the FAA.... Quote....Because after they realised they could not safely operate the green merlin with a single crewman and wrongly assumed that the RAF's crewmen would transfer across to them to fill the gaps, it became clear that they had to do something.
  10. Are our aircrew given their killicks rate on passing out still? And why not PO to bring them in line with the crabs?

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  11. Old system we got our LH/CPL, direct entry will be AB's still they are C of C then get promoted. But if you transfer across I think (don't quote me) you get your LH's still, but trying to get manning clearance from any trade in the RN will be near on impossible with the PRV rate in the RN at the moment.

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  12. C of C?

    Used to mean Certificate of Competence. is that still the case or have things changed, (been away from it for over 20+ years).
  13. Still the case waspie. A chap has 18 months to get it from award of wings or questions start getting asked.

    It was like that when I found it chief
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  14. Last few of the SK4 CofC's will be happening over the next few weeks.

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  15. JFH, as of 01 April 17 the student crewmen at Shawbury will be promoted to acting Leading Aircrewman- upon getting their Wings they will be promoted to APOACMN with 2 years to conduct any leadership courses and C of C etc until they gain substantive PO status this will also affect all current trained strength!! Great news for the branch at last!!!

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