One Creative Way to Get Around the Price of Petrol

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Leatherneck, May 3, 2008.

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  1. For rural use only. I see the set backs in it.


  2. At the eqivalent of $10 a gallon here it looks like a good alternative.
  3. I thought I could sell the droppings for fertalizer and supplement my income. Petrol prices have risen sharply here too. Traditionally does during the summer months with families going on holiday.
  4. Leathers,

    What is the the price of gas and diesel in the US??
  5. The price of a gallon of gas in the US is up to $3.65 a gallon and Deisel is: $4.29 ballpark figure depending on where you buy. Good job we don't sell gas by the litre like you do, or we would have a civil war going on. Our President Busch is an oil tycoon, so we believe we are linning his pockets as well as his father's, both in the oil business.
  6. So about 80 cents a litre for petrol and 94 cents a litre for diesel.
    Equates to 40 and 47 pence a litre. :pukel: Seems rather low or have I got my sums wrong?

    If I've got my maths right (I'm a little tired) I think I may have proven somebody's point there.

  7. Your figures sound about right at the current exchange rate. Our prices are soaring like yours. Not cool!
  8. Petrol goes up in price followed by everything else.
  9. But still, my mate here tells me it costs £1.10 a litre here (I don't have a car so don't know for sure) This is at the moment $2.13
  10. Well, some places up here (Yorkshire) are selling diesel at over £1.40 a litre... that works out (in U.S. equivalent) at over $12.45 a gallon for diesel... This is in one of the cheaper areas of the country!
  11. In the UK petrol rose to 110.2 per liter or £5.01 a gallon. Diesel now costs 120.51 per liter

    or £5.48 a gallon.

    The US gallon is smaller than the Imperial UK gallon

    US gallon (gal) is 3.785 412 litres

    Imperial (UK) gallon is 4.54609 litres

    Prices in the UK are approximate 30/40% higher than in the US.
  12. I did not know that! That means my comparisons are wrong :toilet:

    Thanks for clearing that up. :thanks:

  13. Not really... once you figure in the exchange rate, petrol is still (even with the smaller gallons, which I didn't know about) more than twice as expensive in the UK as in the US.
  14. We Yanks will get half a pound for each dollar. Aside from that our petrol prices are a bit less than half of yours.

    On average, our regular unleaded will dent your budget roughtly $4.00 per US gallon, diesel hovering around just about $5.00 depending on where you buy it. Just like the UK prices vary from one location to another.

    Those Americans planing a road trip this summer are pipping hot.
  15. Yeah yea Yeah We have something bigger than the Mercans yea yea yea their fuel is 50p a litre and ours is £1.20 yea yea err errr two and a half times dearer :-(
    Err Dad I got it wrong ,

    Jack McH
  16. An American friend of mine told me once, that he could climb into his car and it would take him all day to drive around his estate in Texas, i told him, i had a car like that once. :w00t:

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