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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Hitback, Dec 5, 2009.

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  1. Another option to the synopsis letter. This one may read better for you.... Please keep sending emails to your MP's asking them to sign EDM 361----

    Thanks again to all rumration users and the site for supporting this new campaign.

    More details in the medical discharge thread in the sticky... :!:

    The following link will make locating your MP easy.


    Dear ___________________

    Reasons for reform

    Although the Armed Forces have been Tri-Service for some time the MoD still run three separate Medical Discharge Boards for the three Armed Forces. Service personnel go through three Boards but only attend the final one before discharge.

    Having three separate Medical Discharge Boards adds to greater cost to the public purse and confusion for those being discharged.

    Many service personnel have little or no idea of how these Boards work before they arrive at one –this has been the case for decades and urgently needs reform.

    When service personnel arrive at the final Board they have no idea what to say, who sits on the Medical Board, or what powers these Boards have. There is very little general advice or guidance from the MoD or other agency on the process service personnel undergo, their fundamental rights or reliable answers regarding discharge.

    There is no automatic right for personnel to bring along a nominated colleague or friend or legal adviser so candidates can sometimes make catastrophic decisions about their future lives without advocate advise.

    The degree or percentage of disability service personnel qualify for (important for realising how much compensation they will later receive) is not explained to them by the Medical Board. They are informed much later. There is no opportunity to book appointments with medical staff in order to formulate a medical plan for those in urgent need.

    The Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (SPVA) is not involved at any stage of the Medical Board process and are not permitted to see any information about service personnel who go before the Board.

    If the SPVA were allowed information, it would mean the necessary paperwork for a war pension for example will have been completed and information about benefits including Incapacity, Mobility, Carers Allowance, Housing Benefits etc will have been discussed with the serviceman or women.

    It would mean an exemption certificate for medication (presently not issued until discharge) will have been issued. This would allow personnel to access medication they may require free of charge. It would alleviate the intervention of social services for those who's financial circumstances may not be able to meet the needs of prescription charges.

    The SPVA would also be responsible for contacting outside agencies such as Combat Stress or Talking2Minds with the date, time and place of treatment before the service leaver enters civilian life. This is essential for those suffering from Mental Health Issues (PTSD). Combat Stress should also be made aware of the service leaver if they have PTSD or any service related mental illness.

    A story in The Times on 15 November 2009 said that 4,916 cases of mental disorder have been identified in British troops who toured Afghanistan and Iraq, whilst 67 of these who served in the two war zones had also committed suicide since 2003.

    While an injured person is on the SAM List or at Headley Court, they should be encouraged to start pre-release courses including advice on self employment, CV writing and Interview techniques.

    For those requiring it resettlement into Social Housing requires to be carried out at least 6 months prior to discharge.

    Finally, there should be recognition of the support spouses and dependants give for those who are discharged – it is often the spouses who keep family life together when the front door closes.

    By re-examining its procedures and introducing change to the present Medical Discharge System would mean that a faster transition to civilian life would be achieved in line with the Ministry of Defence’s paper The Nation’s Commitment to the Armed Forces Community: Consistent and Enduring Support which was presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Defence in July 2009.

    Respectfully yours

  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Signed, sealed and delivered to Mike Hancock MP... :thumbleft:
  3. Done and dusted.
  4. Ready to post to Phil "Expence's" Hope MP.
  5. Thank you to those above for their support. We are hoping that on Monday, MP's will have a full inbox requesting they support EDM 361. They want your vote for the next election"if they aren't standing agian" their party will want your vote. Now is the time to make them show their true colours towards our injured troops....

    Thanks again

  6. I recieved an email from Andrew Murrison MP (Con). He has stated the following; "I tabled a raft of PQs on this last week" (this is in reply to me sending him a copy of the synopsis).

    I have thanked him for his actions and asked him to sign EDM 361- and to ask his fellow members to do the same. I believe the EDM express the wrongs and how best to put them right...!

    I hope we get cross party support on this campaign and get changes done before any other comrades suffer under this Draconian system


  7. This is the short cut to the Earley Day Motoins. EDM 361 is our one.

    Use it to check on your MP's activities towards this very important activity. it gets updated at the end of each day (Monday to Friday)

    I am searching for the tabled questions: once found I will place on here!


  8. Done! Many thanks Hitback for the initial staffwork.

    Awaiting a response now from John Maples MP (Con) who, in the past has proved very supportive of constituent issues.
  9. Thanks Broadside. Andrew Murrison want clarification on a number of points first. He has asked me to get those on the backbench to sign- it's easier for them to voice their support to EDM's

    Keep up the paste/copy and send please.


  10. As promised the Tabled Quetions: :wink:



    * Indicates a Question for Oral Answer.
    + Indicates a Question not included in the random selection process but accepted because the quota for that day had not been filled.
    [N] Indicates a Question for Written Answer on a named day, i.e. the Member has indicated under S.O. No. 22(4) the day on which he wishes the Question to be answered.
    [R] Indicates that a relevant interest has been declared.

    Questions for Written Answer
    Notices given on Monday 23 November

    15 N Dr Andrew Murrison (Westbury): To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, whether members of the armed forces attending a medical discharge board are permitted to attend with a (a) nominated colleague, (b) friend and (c) legal adviser; and if he will make a statement.
    [R] (305034)

    16 N Dr Andrew Murrison (Westbury): To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, what information is made available to the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency on individuals appearing before a medical discharge board; and if he will make a statement.
    [R] (305035)

    17 N Dr Andrew Murrison (Westbury): To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, when he next plans to review the operation of the medical discharge system for members of the armed forces; and if he will make a statement.
    [R] (305036)
  11. Fifty soldiers a month lost to wounds in Afghanistan

    By Chris Hughes 7/12/2009

    British commanders are losing nearly 50 troops every month because of battle wounds in Afghanistan.

    The statistics leaked to the Mirror cover April to October and show that for every soldier killed in Helmand Province, seven are being injured by the enemy. The worst month was July during the bloody Panther's Claw operation with 94 troops being wounded and treated at Camp Bastion's field hospital.

    Twenty-two personnel were killed that month, meaning the equivalent of nearly an entire infantry company was taken out of action.

    In August, 59 were wounded and 19 were killed. The summer usually sees the most intense fighting in the region but the number of casualties in October rose to 60.

    Last night former Army commander Lt Col Robin Matthews said: "Troops are trained to compensate for these heavy losses but it would have an effect on unit cohesion as any battalion is a tight-knit group.

    "In terms of the psychological effect you cannot deny that seeing the casualties will prey on soldiers' minds.

    Advertisement - article continues below »

    But to put these large figures into context you have to bear in mind that more soldiers than ever are surviving their wounds due to medical advances and superb treatment they get out in the field."

    The figures show how the intensity of fighting has escalated in the past year as the Taliban increasingly resort to homemade bombs to target troops.

    Most of the wounded soldiers are sent back to Britain for treatment at Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham but some are patched up in Afghanistan and then returned to their frontline position.


    There have been 236 British troops killed in Afghanistan since 2001. Since 2006, 958 wounded were treated in field hospitals.

    This is from another thread and this is why we must support this campaign

    kinda puts the "Extra 500" troops into perspective

    Every man thrown back to the UK on a medevac should have every possible NHS service laid at their feet

    If the Government are not willing to do this they should not engage in this conflict

    I agree fully but that is only happening whilst they remain in service and no budget or training seems to be in place to deal with troops when they leave the service and are back in the NHS system. There are Physiotherapists and Occupational Theosophists who have never seen or have experience of or had special training in the type and severity of injuries and wounds now turning up at local level in the NHS.

    Hitback is trying to get a campaign moving 'One Common Cause' which will make a start in dealing with this problem. However he needs support from serving and ex service troops to push forward this campaign If in particular serving personnel will not make the effort to help their wounded ex service colleagues then the politicians wont.

    All it needs is to contact your MP using the template on this thread, top and tail it with your own comments, and then post on this thread you have done it which in turn keeps this thread going!

    This opens the window of knowledge. I hope users understand why this campaign is so important. Thanks to arrse user for this information.

    Tnks -Hitback
  12. It's great to see her supporting the EDM-it takes about 3 days for MP's name sto show up on the listings. Saying that we should see those MP's emailed over the weekend on the listing today. If your MP is not on there then please send them another email with stronger language.

    following have signed:

    Harvey, Nick
    Jones, Lynne
    Oaten, Mark
    Hancock, Mike
    Drew, David
    Breed, Colin
    Robinson, Iris
    Hoyle, Lindsay
    Campbell, Gregory
    George, Andrew



    P.S Keep on sending this proves it works. :wink:
  13. Your's has signed..Well done and thanks.
  14. I have also had the following pointed out.. There is NO tory signatures on the EDM, are they playing at being the Government of the day already? :roll:

    Please ask your MP to sign EDM 361. We are pressing for meetings as I type.

  15. The following MP's have now signed the EDM: Thank you to all users for requesting their MP to support our injured soldiers, airman and sailors. If your MP hasn't signed but been asked to, please email them again. Those asking local press to cover this story, if you need me help with content of the campaign just PM me.

    Thank you to the site for it's support again!


    Conservative Party
    Bottomley, Peter
    Open: 1 Closed: 0

    Democratic Unionist Party
    Campbell, Gregory
    Dodds, Nigel
    McCrea, Dr William
    Robinson, Iris
    Simpson, David
    Open: 5 Closed: 0

    Labour Party
    Dobbin, Jim
    Drew, David
    Flynn, Paul
    Howarth, George
    Hoyle, Lindsay
    Jones, Lynne
    McDonnell, John
    Open: 7 Closed: 0

    Liberal Democrats
    Breed, Colin
    George, Andrew
    Hancock, Mike
    Harvey, Nick
    Hunter, Mark
    Leech, John
    Oaten, Mark
    Willis, Phil
    Open: 8 Closed: 0
  16. :evil: The shocking truth is: The Covservative Party believe they are the Government of the Day and are showing their true colours. I listened to Wil Hague MP- last night on QT stating his party supported our armed forces and their families. That there is a need for deployment and to stay the course in Afganistan. But he failed to say how they'er going to support our injured serviceman! There is only one signature from the Conservative Party on the EDM, list below. I know there have been double figures sent to Conservative MPs , PM's sent and confirmation on the sites by users.

    I have contacted my MP by email and I have left a message on her House of Commons Number. I don't expect her to reply to be honest, but the fact she has two military camps in her constituancy Mixed Armed Forces and RAF. One would've thought supporting them would be very important!

    Please keep emailing your MP's and also call their office in London. Use this search engine to attain their London number.

    The list of MPs that have signed.


  17. I have sent letters emails and phoned my MP's office and left messages, I also met with her last October to explain the need for this issue to be addressed. She agreed at the time but know fails to reply to my request to support EDM 361. My MP has been on the news several times talking about suicide watch for MP's when the news broke about the expenses scandal....She has two military location in her constituency but fails to support those that get injured and Medically Discharged from their employment.

    This campaign is about supporting our injured soldiers, airmen and sailors when being Medically Discharged from the services. My reason for stating this is simple, this is not about attacking one party over another but ensuring they commit to changing the present MD system.

    I would have to say the only reason for the lack of support by the Conservative Party is; the party whip and Mr Cameron must of told them not to support EDM 361- they believe they will have to back up the signatures if they win the next election.

    Why wouldn't any political party back better care for our injured troops and their families?
  18. We must have been watching a different programme! Wm Hague spoke about better allowances, working towards better pay for those on ops and medical and mental health issues, though, granted, nothing specific. On the whole I thought his contribution to be pretty balanced, especially when he suggested that the lady who thought that the Army should take over the government was going a bit far!

    The Navy wife and the bereaved Mum have their points of view, neither of which were persuasive to me, much as I sympathise with her loss, but I think that the General was about right when he reminded everybody that Forces Personnel join up with both eyes open and the job is more important than the money. You might think it's easy for him to say, given his final salary, but he joined on an initial 3 year commission and stayed 40 years or so. He is also very supportive of a bigger wage for the soldier.
  19. Thats my point-there was no direct answer to the questions. On medical discharge issues there was nothing stated...and thats my point. I believe what those mothers stated to be strong points, civil servants getting bonuses and MP's not going to out posts etc. Mr Dannett was approached directly by Paddy ashedown about his position in the army and political direction he took whilst still serving. Mr Hague never answered a single question but played symantrices. There was no way he could have said housing for service personnel and family members or single personnel! There have been to many broken promises by our politicians and those that suffer are our cast aside...
  20. New names signed up to he EDM.

    There are parties that are avoiding this EDM. I know for a fact that My MP as read it (Nadine Dorries MP had her PA call me)...Something else up there sleeve. :oops:

    Who else has been let down by their MP.

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