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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by InMeNaval, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,
    Im new to this forum so you'll have to excuse me if these have been asked before but ive scanned through hundreds of posts and searches and couldnt find the answer..

    After you pass training and get a post on your ship:-

    What would a typical weeks food consist of?

    What personal possessions are you allowed to take with you (laptops/guitar/books etc)?

    How often can you make calls/emails?

    Thank you for all sensible replies to a few random questions.. :)
  2. Are these deal-breakers in whether or not you join the RN? I hope not.

    Food - adequate as long as you don't eat when the Ship is alongside.
    Personal possessions - not an awful lot of personal space so minimal.
    Calls/emails - depends on what the Ship is doing but, again, provision is adequate.

    Be prepared for some slightly more abusive replies!

  3. Thanks for the very speedy reply angrydoc, and no they are not dealbreakers mate just some things i thought of as i was researching and couldn't find the answer to them!

    There doesnt seem to be much info regarding life onboard...all seems to be training and post naval stories..

    Any other helpful info that people wish to add, to do with being new to life at sea, please do.. Thanks
  4. The thing is IMN (and I'm not having a pop) the questions you have asked are a tad vague and angrydoc has given a good answer, it is not possible to be more specific. You will have plenty of time during training to find out more about life onboard before you join your first ship - anything you pick up on here is not very relevant at this stage. Bit of an oft quoted cliché, but concentrate on getting through training first - good luck.
  5. To expand a little bit, and to get in before the abuse starts:

    Food is excellent onboard my ship - in 24 1/2 years I have never had better; I have however had much worse on others. Agree better at sea than in port.
    Most people have laptops onboard (don't forget to log with the IT Security Officer), books don't take up that much space, and there are always a few with guitars - don't take the guitar on your first day though - wait a bit, see if there is a ship's band perhaps, and sort out a stowage first as it won't fit in your locker and wont be a hit in your bunk during rounds.
    On a frigate sized ship everyone has access to email via the ship's system (which may from time to time be switched off for operational reasons). Around UK you will be able to get a mobile signal much of the time, although you may find yourself being shouted at if you are on facebook on your mobile when you are supposed to be working. When operational there is a weekly allowance of free calls to allow you to keep contact with home.
  6. Answering as an occasional visitor to the big grey war-canoes rather than an actual real sailor (so, maybe more aware of the comparison with civilian life, but much less clued about detail of long-term reality aboard -)

    Food - At worst, edible, and often very good, while underway. It varies greatly from ship to ship, most are decent, the poor ones won't let you starve, and some are very good. I'm told it can drop off in port but that's not when I show up.

    Personal possessions - you won't have a lot of space to store stuff. Laptop should be OK (especially if you can get a lot of music, videos, books et al loaded onto it) Books, don't plan on having lots of shelf space, but they do fit into corners. Guitar - no idea where you'd put it, might want to wait and see where you are and what your options are.

    Calls/e-mails - "it depends". If the ship's close enough to shore you'll be able to use a personal mobile (subject to security, not usually a problem but sometimes you'll be told "all mobile phones to be off" so that Nastystan Telecom don't get to notice Cell Station 46B on their coast suddenly lighting up with a hundred-plus UK mobile phones all trying to log on and check for texts and e-mails). On deployment you'll get e-mail and a phone call allowance and can buy more time cheaply, the limit is often booking time on the limited number of lines because bandwidth is finite. In general, with a little thought and planning you should be able to check in daily without too many worries unless something interesting is going on.
  7. WOW! thought id of had at least a few "Noob" rants or abuse of some kind by now!

    Seriously cheers for all the info guys, been through loads of forums and discussions but this one seems to get the better results!

    The food thing was worrying me a bit as i can be quite fussy but sounds like ill be able to stomach it eitherway! Guessing the foods more creative after weeks/months at sea once everythings gone off but hey ups with the downs right!
    Also its good to hear you are allowed laptops, Sounds like all i'll be taking is my lappy loaded with films/Ebooks then :D
    Email access sounds great...Noob question though...are their certain blocked sites (No im not thinking porn :D), specifically banking sites.. barclays/natwest etc to keep tabs of finances?
    Again cheers for the info, keep up the good work!
  8. I don't know what you're going in as but to give you a submariners point of view if you're thinking of going boats :

    Scran (as has been said) excellent at sea but limited choice (2 choices per meal), if you don't like what's on offer you go hungry. Unlike our surface counterparts, boats can't replenish supplies at sea (we don't RAS) so chef's are more creative.

    Laptops and books can be taken to sea but you won't have much time for game playing.

    e-mails can occasionally be sent and received (when coming off patrol, SSN's only) but otherwise...No

    Ordinary mail only when alongside

    Guitar....generally no (maybe on a bomber, depends on the Cox'n/XO)

    In a nutshell, when the boat sails you are isolated from the outside world until you come alongside somewhere.
  9. Perhaps now is the time to stop being fussy about food?
  10. 9 replies and nobody picked up on it? slacking shipmates!!!
  11. JFH,

    Didn't they tell ee?

    'tis " Be Kind To A Newbie" week at RR all this week :angel1:
  12. :pottytrain1:
    Sorry "Silly Me":toothy8:
  13. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I can remedy that if you wish me hearty?
  14. WOW! thought id of had at least a few "Noob" rants or abuse of some kind by now!
    End quote.

    You were lucky as generally I don't have time for adults who are fussy eaters; veggies maybe get some leeway but fussy eaters none at all.
    They should have had that drummed out of them at an early age.
    Just console yourself with cramped conditions, little free time, and remember that whilst your work in your trained capacity will take up some (only some) of your time indeed, a lot of other things will whittle away at what remains.
    For example:
    Keeping yourself and your kit clean.
    Cleaning generally - your living space and that of others, the heads/showers and the ship as a whole.
    You may also be drafted away from your trained job for periods of time to wash up/clean up after your shipmates. It used to be called communal duties and stood you in line for some serious stick if you got it wrong.
    Think along the lines of free time being something the RN really doesn't do and you won't go far wrong.
  15. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just to add my two penn-orth wrt food. If you're a weirdo veggie, you are entitled to have something cooked idividually for you.Also, if you go small ships, IF, your chef likes you and he/she is any good they may well cook you an individual meal if the main choice is not to your liking (often only one choice on small ships). But the general standard of food on small ships is far higher than big ships as they're cooking for fewer people.
  16. Too true. We ate like kings for the couple of years I was on a very small ship - 12 of us in total.
    It was self victualling as well so we had plenty of leeway with supplies and where they came from.
  17. Check you lot out...MUST be "Be nice to a newbie week" lol

    Cheers for the update on food situation..im not so fussy that i'd starve, nor am i "weirdo veggie" just wondered on the quality...sounds ok though :) cheers!

    From the little free time you get im guessing alot of days can fly by without you noticing?!
    Also, from training to getting your feet onboard were there anything you wasn't expecting, say during your first week? Just a little heads up for us noobie recruits :p
  18. Elvis dying came as a bit of a surprise but I think that was during week three.
  19. Raleigh and any other kind of initial training is, as is pretty obvious, only the beginning; after which you get properly stuck in.
    It may take months to get out of that phase then you are required to behave in a professional manner (Says he conveniently forgetting all the unprofessional behaviour seen/done) but rarely on duty!
  20. On one Boat we had two choices of Bland per meal, four if you include the Red and Brown variations

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