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Once Upon A Run Ashore..................

Father_Famine said:
.......... I trapped a local one night ................

Trapped ? In Gib ? 8O
that's got to be a windup... or you are one very lucky Caterer....

They all used to vanish into the rock, abot 1700, on the occasions I was there, or maybe the ale made my eyes short ..unless I never made it past Sugar's tasteful establishment .. !!


Lantern Swinger
whitemouse said:
Father_Famine said:
.......... I trapped a local one night ................

Trapped ? In Gib ? 8O
that's got to be a windup... or you are one very lucky Caterer....

They all used to vanish into the rock, abot 1700, on the occasions I was there, or maybe the ale made my eyes short ..unless I never made it past Sugar's tasteful establishment .. !!

I have had my Lucky moments, I think she just wanted to help polish my crutch :wink:


War Hero
Book Reviewer
alhucoll said:
Ben Nevers - a real decent Joss.
He was fair and straight down the line, messed up - you paid.
He was a fair man, I'd buy him a dozen or so pints if I met him again.

I think of the hell the ships company put him through!!!


Currently working the cruise ships as a Security Officer in the Caribbean! :lol:
The Monmouth 5

In the chat room yesterday and I was reminded of a certain incident that occured in Gibraltar.
I think the party who reminded me might have been a WEM, but then again he may have been a OM, not sure - he'll remind me, all I can say is that he was awake at the time!

Once Upon A Run Ashore.......................

It had been the end of a rather boring/arduos trip to Souda Bay (I think) We got to Gib and you know what you do in Gib - run up the Rock or get sh t faced, abuse the duty free system and get the gizzits you've forgotten.

Well a bunch of our guys fell out with some of the locals..........fight ensued in the Plaza down the way from the Flip Flop and across the way from the Skippers Lodge - FISTICUFFS!

Turned out the "locals" were local PLOD!

Monmouth 5 locked up and made to pay there own way back to GUZ!

As far as I remember no charges were brought - the hole in the pocket was enough. :?
Talking of Souda Bay.....................

A rather successful session for the Weapons Department, so the WEO decided to take the Department for a drink.

Say no more, they abused his hospitality - but he did buy a round apparently.

WITNESS to this -

The guys decided to buy the WEO a drink, several dozen judging buy the consequences (laughing my head off remembering :lol: ).

Said WEO was "driven" home in a shopping trolley and left at the bottom of the gangway. Carried to his pit, unseen for a couple of days and then as I remember ended up getting charged and us lower ranking plebs (backbone of the RN) got an influx of cash to the fund!!!!

Souda Bay - A dit about Yanto coming up - any one know the guy, youngest Chief Stoker in the fleet?
Once Upon A time............

Reference the threads:
Saddam and the hanging
Joining up......

We had a tradition once upon a time.

Marlborough or the Monmouth - too long ago to distinguish, or I was too piss d.
3 Kilo mess on a 23 - 39 of us all told.

Transgressors had a choice - charged through the system (red annotations) or the mess Kangaroo court.
The Mess system relied upon the sensible decision by the transgressor to submit to Mess punishment.
At this point I'll just point out that in the Port f'wd corner mess square (JACK ENOUGH?!) we had built it over the pipework, a nice 3' x 3' platform. Said transgressor would be required to turn up in boxers (etc) and stand on it after a good nights drinking.

At this point, said "Transgressor" WAS guilty and was required to stand on the plinth - guess what? Depending on the "charge" it devolved into minutes of "TINNING"

All present would proceed to "TIN" the Transgressor - which means that every empty (and full) for effect can would be thrown at full force at the individual - best effect was to rip the tin in half and hope it had a good score.
It was always stopped before serious damage was done.
Time up - end EX - lesson learned.

Brutal, but better than the system....................................
Brussel Sprouts....................

I work with a horrible cementer known as "Stig of the Dump" he's awful.
We shared a room on a drilling rig for far too long - I'd stow my gear in a locker, he'd leave it in his bag on the deck for me to trip over.
We'd eat food to get gas, we had a competion for the loudest most obnoxious smells created and mark each other out of 10.

A bowl of sprouts, soaked in vinegar (treble helpings!).

he'd been working late for a change, I was in my scratcher, door opens "my F ck" wha's that smell, shuts the door and piss s off - job done!
One night he had his superior out to check the layout of a unit, me bottom bunk left, George bottom bunk right.
Andy chair in between, as the evening went on - Andy, chair, slipped further and further back 'till he hit the lockers!

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