Once again the Crabs blow their own foot off.....


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Maxi_77 said:
You would be surprised how much embedded caterers get away with charging for tea and biccies, £2 a skull is reasonable.

Wow! I could do it cheaper. Mind you, having read all these messages, the family sound lucky that they only had to pay for the tea and stickies...

As a real eye popper, the terror weapon who I live with had a cousin slotted in Afghanistan, during the deployment of the limited contingent of Soviet forces with the invitation of the internationally recognised democratically elected Afhgan socialist govt of Najibullah.

The Soviet govts KIA response was "if in the likely event you get sent to the parade ground in the sky, we'll fly you to the first soviet town we get to (Tashkent), in a wooden ammo box*. Then you'll get stuffed into the ground. if your family want to come and see it, or get your carcass back to the cess pit you came from, then they'll need to stump up the cash. Lots of love, Comrade Brezhnev".

Apart from the yanks, I think just about every country works on the "it'll be a dear do" scale of issue.

*Flying corpses in ammo boxes was a method of hiding losses from the soviet people (one which TB hasn't picked up on yet). Everybody in Tashkent new about it, including the recruits who after 6 weeks training were going to Afghanistan and were kept in the same airbase as the boxes they were replacing. Top notch for morale then!
It looks like the case was badly handled by the RAF in the first place. It's a pity that it took adverse media attention to get them to take another look.

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