Once again the Crabs blow their own foot off.....

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by silverfox, Feb 25, 2007.

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  1. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer


    In this day and age, when everything to do with the current operations we are involved in, and in particular how badly the Crabs are faring on the PR front, is under intense scrutiny, you would have thought that someone in a light blue uniform might have twigged this....

    This post could have gone in CA but as I expect it to develop into a free ranging lambasting of the light blue dullards - it goes here. Game on...
  2. this doesn't happen very often. Words fail me. Some of his oppos traveled from across the globe to comemerate his life and give thier condoloneces to Flt sgt Andrews' family. It just makes me sad. there is a lot more that could be said but the right words are not there.

    Oh and it seems it's the MOD not the crabs. The crabs are pretty good at the care of thier own. Hiding behind "it's in the rules, so that's the final answer" won't work in this case guys.
  3. Typical of the rear party bean counters who have probably never put their lives on the line in service of the Crown. He was killed in a warzone and they won't pay 600 notes for some poxy tea and buscuits? I hope the pencil pushing tits' who passed this reg choke on their chocolate hobnobs.
    They pissed on this blokes memory. Not forgivable, rules or not.
  4. Rules are for the obeyance of idiots and for the guidance of wise men.

    No need to say which this lot are
  5. Well, strange as it may seem, there is a budget for Service Funerals which cannot be overspent. Yeah! I know, I sound like a bean counter, but if £1K is alright, how about £2K, or £3K? Many other people in this country get killed in the line of duty: policemen/women, firefighters, tube train drivers, etc, etc. How about if they all had a big funeral tea and wanted us to pay for it? The Government purse (our money) is not bottomless. Now, call me a miserable, bean counting bastard!
  6. Piss off and count ya beans!!
  7. Sounds good to me.
    Now how about Tony Blairs holiday when we the tax payer pick up the bill for his entourage.
    Would have paid for several funerals.
    One rule for mortals another for their elected representatives.
  8. Surely a donation from E-Goat would have cleared this up?

    I have to say I am a bit stunned by this. It is not like the RAF at all and would probably say like others have that this is the Civil Service.

    You have to wonder what the actual cost of a serviceman's life is in Mod circles. Troops without body armour which costs £1000 a shot, snatch landrovers instead of APCs...

    You really have to wonder what we're worth.

    "you go to war with the body armour you're given, not the one you want" - Donald Rumsfeld
  9. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    How many of these police men/women, firefighters, tube train drivers, lollipop men/women et etc have been killed in the line of duty that would make this an exceptional burden? - Don't think its been as many as have come home from the 'stan or sandpit. Do we know for a fact that the families of these government employees actually forked out of their own pocket, and lets not get started on pay comparisons, or was the cost covered by professional associations, unions or the like.... which we don't have.

    You make a point - buts its pretty specious.
  10. Slim, I was always taught that,
    "A rule book is a bible to a fool, and a guide to a wise man."
    Say no more.
  11. Get used to it ..this is the 21st century and right or wrong…accountants rule.

  12. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Maybe they do rule, but this is a classic case for the application of a little military judgement in view of the entirely predictable PR disaster. Now on Mon they will be asking questions and some junior joe will be holding up the rule book and the great and the good will be looking for that guy in the management chain who could have made the call.

    IThere is a way round everything - I had an exceptional CMA as a pusser once and you would not believe the funds he was able to conjure when the moment arose.
  13. I could understand it if they hung one on until 0600 the next day and expected them to foot the bill for thousands of quids worth of grog, but tea and biccies?
    Piss off.
  14. How you can compere a tube train driver with a serviceman/servicewoman is beyond belief!! No offence to tube train drivers! But a postman does a worthwhile job.

    Govts and councils have money to waste. We all know on what projects silly Millenium Domes! silly traffic signs stating twinned with shite hole on the other side of the planet who cares if you are twinned with some knob place far away only the councillors who take a free trip for business reasons. Bollocks!!!

    This is typical of the UK on how the services are treated a nice homecoming for Joe/Josephine Public to witness then behind the scenes we have the shite counting the costs.
  15. It would be nice to think that the Armed Forces can show some leeway but, unfortunately, the JSP351 actually lays down what the MOD will pay for and it's unlikely that the civilian bean counters will bend the rules.

    The same actually applies to the Army, RN, RM - MOD will pay for Coffin, Cremation/Burial, Headstone, Hearse, 1 Limo, Repatriation etc etc.

    Anything else has to be paid for by the family - it's not the RAF making the ruling on this one, it's the MOD. Although you would have thought that the RAFA or another charity could have picked up the bill.

    Edited for punctuation
  16. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    you miserable bean counting [email protected]

    alright for the MOD all to get shiney new chairs at a grand each eh?

    alright for us all to pay for blairs holiday frolics eh?

    alright for us to pay coppers to look after mandelson and co eh?

    fecking disgrace, to compair a tube driver (who incidetaly get paid a damn site more than your avarage soldier) is just plain wrong.

    hang your head in shame with the rest of the bean counters.
  17. Miserable bean counting prick

  18. OK your a bean counting bastard , :mad:
  19. Words fail me, meanwhile the fat cats in the big businesses that supply arms, munitions etc get richer. :sad:
  20. stupidity. absalute stupidity. even if the mod was that cash straped (which i dont think they are) if they had mentioned the problem to the rest of his unit im sure they would have sorted it out. rather than have his bill sent to his family.

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