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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jenny_Dabber, Jun 11, 2006.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Lets hear it lads and ladettes!
  2. First place I've come across in a long time that actually give's free admittance to the Services - even if it is before 11pm. 8O
  3. Damn. Wrong continent.
  4. Well Jenny, when I visited Disneyland back in the 1980s you also got free entry if you were in uniform. Unfortunately I was in civvies at the time! Damn!!!
  5. Jenny, pou einai 'Fahrenheit'?
  6. It is einie or eivie if you want to get all greek.

    Any how, I dunno, not in the country!
  7. Pou einai sounds a bit like ancient greek to me. Not a good move passing it off as modern. I did Ancient Greek at school, and then we went on one of these Classical trips to Greece, which involved a cook's tour of all the sites, and then a few days by the beach. During this time, I discovered I could wow Greek women with my schoolboy ancient Greek.

    So, I got chatting to this girl. Quite attractive, but it sadly turns out that she's engaged. So, to keep the conversation going, I ask her when she's getting married. She gets in a bit of a huff, slaps me and leaves.

    Trouble is, the ancient greek word for married...err...doesn't quite mean 'married' any more. More on the lines of asking her, "so, when are you getting f*cked next?"

  8. Sorry, thought you were in Cyprus and that this modern day Joanna's was there too.


    Î Î¿Ï ÎµÎ¯Î½Î±Î¹

    BTW, I don't want to get too greek, 'cos they're into smalley boys and bumming and stuff like that aren't they.
  9. Gia sou esie kala? Ola einie kala?

    Scud, Cypriot is the older version of Greek.

    Einai as you spelt it is einie but, however Greek Greek is a modern version of what it used to be. Remember N is written V, M is N, O is P, this can get very complicated! Cypriot Greek is the older version but then again, it’s all Greek to me!

  10. Γειά σου 'Jenny', eίμαι καλά ευχαÏιστώ.

    And now on Rum Ration, our new six part series 'Talk Bubble'. Pay attention 'cos we'll be asking questions at the end...
  11. Oi, I can't read that Greek writing, you need to type in Greenglish!
  12. Oh OK then.

    Yassu Jenny, eimai kala efharistoo
  13. (Gia sou/ yassou )

    I am fine, thank you!

    esie kala?

    No need to say thank you after asking a question its not appropriate, however, add endaxi/daxi like Taxi but with a D. It means ok, its added after nearly everything lol
  14. Sorry, thought you asked me if I was fine that's why I said I was thank you.

    I don't think this 'Learn Bubble' topic has got off to a good start.

    Anyway, module two: the swearwords.


    Ay Yamisou.

    And of course... MALAKA!
  15. Pousti! (Gay)

    Stimata (stop it)

    And put them together and its a great sentence!

    Sorry, I thought you were asking me a question lol
  16. Bet that club would'nt beat the Tuxedo Royal up in Newcastle , in the 70s each table in there had there own telephone , had some laughs in there I can tell you , top totty or what :roll: :twisted: :roll:

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