On this day, forevermore.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by guestm, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. Due to the bewildering volume of complete clowns declaring their interest in the RN through RR today. This shall be declared fucking spastic day, the annual celebration of utter cocktardedness.

    I can only deduce that as of today there is a link posted to this website at Princes Trust, Jobseekers, rehab and parole meets and briefs.

  2. Right, that's it. I'm off to give up my sense of style and learn how to fly Chinooks.
  3. There must be recruits out there who do not:
    Want to know everything before they join. What is wrong with surprise?
    Are not bothered what the food is like, or whether they will share a room.
    Or are worried about what type of bag to take.
    There must be those:
    Who are prepared to be surprised.
    Can take care of themselves ie; keep themselves clean.
    Know how to iron and polish shoes.
    Don't give a monkeys what they eat because they know they'll be too knackered to care.
    Not give a monkeys if they turn up with a Tesco carrier bag. No hang on, Waitrose, this is the RN after all.
  4. When i joined up i just wanted to be a Jack Dusty. I didnt ask about scran, uniform or anything else. Just firefighting from what i remember. I had to be shown the payscales. I dont think i thought it through that much.
  5. Do you have to bring your own spoon with you when you go to Raleigh?
  6. Do you still get issued a pussers green mug? Thinking about that sensibly now, it surely must have been easier to just put glasses out..
  7. No they don't as far as I'm aware although they can be purchased from the Spar
  8. I was touched by the boot brushes stamped with your name on the side, and the small cardboard suitcase that was neither use nor fcuking ornament.
  9. I fcuking hope so. what else for "Action Messing". Or has that gone out the window as well nowadays ?????
  10. I wasn't issued with one when I rejoined when I drew my initial issue as did no one else.

    Maybe the likes of Zoidberg will let us know.
  11. You could put shoes on it and carry them across the quad for remedials..

    I still have my boot brushes with ON and OFF and my service number on them, along with the housewife. Wish i had my stamp though still.

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