On the Wire by Dave Peel

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Feb 20, 2012.

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  2. I think 'Dope On A Rope' would have been a better title but it looks like an interesting read, so off to Amazon I go =-)
  3. So unkind!!!!:censored: Now if we 'dopes on ropes' weren't around to pull you zoomies out of the oggin - just who would?:angel7:
  4. You would be calling him GOD !!!! Pontius, if after having banged out from your mighty Single seater, in the oggin. When he was comming down for you on a double dispatcher SIR:angel7::laughing2:
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  5. Slightly off topic. Do Martin Baker or whoever supplies the 'bang' seats give out tankards for using their equipment?
  6. used to be ties!!!!
  7. Scouse, my uncle John, (Crab - spit - spit) has ties and tankards from MB from his EE Lightening days. (He was also a wee bit shorter when he retired too.):-D
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  8. post them a piccy of him!!!
  9. Interesting list. I noticed that the Crabs were still usin NCO Pilots into the 1960's I thought that had stopped with the RAF and RN after the war.
  10. Come on Waspie and Scouse, you know I'm just bantering. I always appreciated the vital roles played by all departments (even the Fisheads) in getting the Exhalted Ones into the air but, equally, you know that it is against Queen's Regs not to render unto all as much piss-taking as possible. Maybe there should have been a sub-clause about no inter-WAFU banter but then who's going to take the mick out of the Wobbleheads? Anyway, I AM very grateful to the SAR boys and was especially so when I had cause to use a noisy seat and, later, the services of our esteemed colleagues and a double-lift but it's still required that I piss-take when possible (but I will buy the book to try and restore some balance) =-)

    As for the Martin Baker trinkets; well the tie is certainly still handed out and that allows a few privileges (including pissing it up in the Martin Baker marquee at the Farnborough airshow). I THINK the tankard was normally given out if you used the dinghy. I might very well be wrong on that count but I certainly did not get a mug with MB written on it.
  11. :slow::slow:All I need is the date of ejection!!!!!! and your persec and cover is no more SIR and will be posted on RR....... Promise:-D
  12. Well Scouse, you've got a few to choose from. I think it was mandatory for all SHAR drivers to hand at least one back in pieces. Some of my colleagues were very good at this but, alas, I only got to trash one. Now, no stalking or I'll tell my Dad on you.
  13. With greatest respect, and admiration SeaHarrier
  14. Pontius, we knew you were just pulling our chain!!

    Regards my recollection re tankards I am going back to my childhood as far as memories of tankards. Uncle John had his initial medical, interim medical and final medical certs, ties and other paraphernalia mounted in a huge display on his mantle piece. Underneath were the tankards. I assumed!!! The tankards were all to do with his ejections.

    On a similar theme, what was the name of the badge naval types received after a ditching? I remember several 829 pilots having a badge on there ovvies to show they had gone in! Lt Gregory rings bells as his claim to fame was ditching in all aircraft types he had flown. (A name to avoid on the flying programme)!!!!:toothy3:
  15. was it goldfish??? Or maybe duck???
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  16. wonder what Raut he was on???? Must be near,mine knowing Billy Deacon!!!
  17. Billy Deacon (RIP). Used to baby sit for Billy when he was waiting for medals on 771, in the early 70's. Wasn't Billy the diver who held the record, (height) for jumping out of a Whirlwind with a set on in Portland harbour? Madness - pure madness.
  18. Looking at some of the piccys
    Lrem DJ Kermode 0667 and Act PO DR Peel O656 and my off number 0655 lol Lt Fewtrell ring any bells Waspie lol pps piccy of Win Alladin, must have been through more raut courses than most!!!!!!

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