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On the beach


War Hero
A Jewish woman, who had recently been widowed, still in excellent shape, was sunbathing on a deserted beach near Tel Aviv.
She looked up and noticed that a man, probably close to her age and also in very good shape, had walked up close to where she was lying, placed his towel on the beach, lay down and began reading a book.
Smiling, the woman attempted to strike up a conversation with him.
"How are you today?" she asked
"Fine thanks," said the chap and turned back to his book.
"I love the beach, do you come here often," she continued.
"First time since my dear wife died 2 years ago" ,he replied and turned back to his book.
"I am sorry to hear that, my husband passed away 3 years ago and it is very lonely", she responded. "do you live around here?"
"Yes , I live over in Haifa," he responded and continued reading.
Trying so hard to find a topic of common interest she said," I love pets, do you like pussy cats?"
With that the guy dropped his book, rushed over to her blanket, tore off her swimsuit and gave her one of the best bonks of her life.
When the cloud of sand has settled, she lay back, gasped and said to the man, "How did you know that is what I wanted?"

And the guy said "How do you know my name was Katz?"
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