On asthma

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Sentenashi, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys.. first post FTW.

    After my very first run, I got mild asthma like symptoms (I.E tight chest, coughing) but after that everything was fine, and i didn't need an inhaler, and I'm sure that after i become fully fit the problem would be as though it hadn't of existed in the first place, but would the Medical Officer pick up on this and throw me out in three years time? Being a Pilot in the navy is my dream and I just want to be sure.


    Edit: it would appear though some people recquire major labotomies.

    I'm 15 and joining up after A-levles, but I'm asking would that problem as I clearly described to you all stop me from joining.

    A side note included in that message was: I've never been pescribed an inhaler, or for that matter needed one.

  2. FFS get a life, how can they throw you in three years time if they won`t let you in? Dream on Sunshine.

    have you left school yet?
  3. Tight chest and coughing after exercise doesn't mean you're asthmatic.

    Go and see your GP.
  4. I don't think asthma is your first problem to pass intake selection.....
  5. Being a brain surgeon is my dream, I think I could qualify if I am allowed to practise on the newbies :w00t:
  6. Yet again, I come to a forum looking for help and I get a load of lame, half wit responses which don't tell me anything.

    And to the person that asked, I'm 15.

    Angrydoc: Thank you.

    The rest of you are morons.

  7. That figures!

    Oh dear, Either get a sense of humour or get royally filled in on a regular basis, if you EVER get in!
  8. Let me quote this

    but would the Medical Officer pick up on this and throw me out in three years time?

    Now who`s the Moron?

    Please explain that to us all.


    What other Forums have upset you?
  9. Well I'm sorry if I came across as a dick right there, but all I want to do is be a pilot, and I'd appreciate some pointers.
  10. Ok, so you ran a bit, and got a tight chest and coughed.
    That doesn't seem just a little bit fecking NORMAL to you at all?
    Run some more.
    Next day, run a bit more!
    See if there's any difference after, say two months.

    Oh, and by the way, try not to use L337 speak on here, it upsets the adults.
  11. Ok, sorry for the misunderstanding.

    I mean if i did potentially have asthma, but I got it down so that It didn't show in any way, would the Medical Officer after I had passed at the AIB pick up on it and deny me access to the RN?
  12. Hehe, ok, sorry.

    Thanks anyway.
  13. I think you will make an excellent chopper pilot. Reading your previous post? :w00t: Tall and wet. Their was one on our flight :pukel: :thumright:
  14. thank you kindly, nicest name I've been called in a long time.
    Now that we are friends when can I have a practice on your brain? :w00t:
  15. Hi Lamri. I didn't think matelots became adults.
    Sentenashi's main problem seems to be lack of mainly fitness, so you gave him the correct advice.
  17. i can assure you that IF you had asthma,it wouldnt take 3 years for them to suss you out!!!!!!
  18. Heres a tip from all of us Morons on this site to all newbies, if you young Morons would read your post and correct it before you press the submit key, half of this shit would not happen.
  19. Please check your PMs on your RR account.

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