Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 2_deck_dash, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. Anyone ever go on this site?

    Basically it instantly puts you in a chat room with a complete stranger. It is highly amusing and can lead to some good conversations.

    So far I have started a fight with a Turkish teenager, fallen in love with an Australian IT worker called Julie, given relationship advice to an Indonesian and got an American college student called Jordan to look at during his lecture.

    High jinks to be had all round, go check it out.

    I suggest starting your conversation with ''what the fcuk are you lookin at sunshine?''
  2. Hi, 2 deck!

    Just though i would try this for a laugh, i ended up chatting to a 15 year old Swedish girl who described herself as 175cm with blonde hair and blue eyes!

    What a laugh, nice one!
  3. How do you KNOW it is who they say they are ? Might be some pedo from Pentonville abusing his priviliges - or even the Sneakies from the ....... ssssshh (Secret Services) .... ;)
  4. It probably is but to be fair I am not the 17 yr old Mexican wrestler I have been posing as for the last three days.
  5. Damn !! I thought I was on to a good thing there !! :(
  6. My latest game on this site is to start chatting to a bloke, pretend to be a girl, get him a bit horny, then drop the bombshell:

    ''listen mate I had a really dodgy vindaloo last night and I have to go for a giant sh1t, it was nice chatting''

    Hilarity ensues.

    Guffaw guffaw.
  7. So it was you that I had that converstion with !!??
  8. Dave?
  9. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Admit it 2 deck, you've been owned knocking one off on webcam, for Charlie from Brighton.
  10. It's true, please don't tell my mum. :confused2:
  11. Just had my first proper encounter with a real live nympho, she is from Sweden and did naughty things for me on a webcam, she is not that pretty and could be described as 'curvy' but who fcuking cares, cnut is cnut.

    This site is awesome.
  12. I like pretending to be a convicted rapist locked up in San Quentin. You'd be amazed how many people don't instantly log out when I drop that little bomb.

    Sometimes I'm a homosexual Japanese poet too, you can make up any shite and people think it's cool.
  13. This is an amazing site.

  14. I tried it but didn't have a clue what to say
  15. Me: The pebble of monstrosity knows no rhythm, it stays so still, emanating evil and hideous intent.
    Random yank: Wow, that's so cool!
    Me: Fcuk off

    Hours of fun.
  17. Ha ha this is a fcuking class site, but I'm not very good at conversation starting.

    You: Anybody out there?

    Stranger: My six year old sister has just pooped her pants, what do I do??

    You: Smash her face in.

    Stranger: Disconnected.

    Unsociable cnut.
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  18. I've had some fun on there. But there are some spammers lurking around.
  19. Hours of intelligent humour. At least I got the last insult in.

  20. Right, last one. What a cnut. Probably hates the Swede's now.

    What a charming young European.

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