Omar Kyam

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by andym, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. Ok,so he wont give anymore evidence as hes worried about his familys safety.Well i'm worrried about the safety of my bloody family!!If he wont give evidence then sorry to say class him as guilty!!!!
  2. When I saw the title of this post I was a little confused. :?

    The Omar Kyam was a curry house on top of the bus station in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. They did nice curries though. :p

    Seriously though, my heart bleeds purple p1ss for him! Perhaps we should let the ISI "persuade him to help with their enquiries".
  3. I also though Omar Kyam wrote a rude book.LOL
  4. It's obviously an alias.

  5. He reminds me of Sam Dicosta!
  6. Whoever he was, he made nice curries when he was in Stoke!
  7. For a moment I thought you were talking about the shaver guy but realised that was Victor Kiam.....!!

  8. Whatever happened to summary justice?

    For the libs on this site, this is a rhetorical question, but if this waste of good oxygen and others like Saddam had just been despatched on discovery, how much more simple would life be?

  9. For Omar Kyam, summary execution would most probably not be the most appropriate course of action; it is at least not in this country's best interests while he still holds potentially critical intel.

    For Saddam Hussein however, if the septic grunt who first found him had slotted him, that surely would have saved a lot of bother (particularly to Saddam's now dead defence team) whilst ending up with what is bound to be the same result in the end anyway.

    Can any site liberals REALLY question the validity of this? [awaiting tidal wave of VERY wooly jumpers, closely followed by their irate and no-doubt bearded owners...] :lol:
  10. The problem is of course who decides who should be dispatched, your choice may not be mine. Perhaps that is why we like to live in a Western Liberal Civilisation and not in some 3rd World hell hole run by some despot with strange religious or other beliefs. You seem to favour the latter choice.

  11. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Yada, yada, yada.

    I can question the validity of executing Saddam. I can do so because many on here are up in arms in some sort of moral spasm whenever the next horrific, graphic account of a westerner being beheaded is rolled out under our noses. If we claim to be morally superior to the baser instincts of some Arab-based tribes and factions, surely we can't be seen to be summarily executing people just for the sake of it? I'd like to say that we have a better justice system that proves guilt before convistion and sentenceing, and surely if we are to have any influence on the Arab nations and inspire a fairer system of justice than of that which was in place when Saddam was ruler, then the idea of capturing him alive and using every expendible asset to hand to bring him before a duly elected court to answer to his accusers is in order, wouldn't you say?

    If we drag him outside and nape shot the ****, then we have absolutely no grounds to drip when some Sunni bunch of bastards does practically the same to a poor aid worker.

  12. Why not put Saddam back in power? He'd soon sort out the rebels! Don't forget that Baathism is secularist.
  13. Its a valid point----been discussed ages ago --Saddam didn't have any problems with tribal sects -religeous differences or even contact with the flavour of the month al qeada .{the WMD's weren't required either -he didn't have any masses left to destruct]

    Everyone who has been in on his trial has backed off or been slotted in some way or other .

    Saddam for peace ----when he's sorted out Iraq then send him to Afghanistan :lol: :lol:
  14. Ok - fair points, one and all.

    What is the woolly response to this then?...

    What would the moral difference be if Saddam had been shot when found, but then reported to have been killed in a targeted airstrike?

    Few people would question the morality of the airstrike that killed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi - yet what is the real moral difference between this, and if he had actually been assasinated (because that is what it was) with a bullet in the head to save another drawn-out trial, serving only to cause more suffering?
  15. Spot on. The decision is with the person holding the gun and there is no reason for anyone to ever hear about it. As to us all living in a western liberal civilisation...dream on McDuff. The plank in No 10, in collusion with many others, got UK plc's DEFENCE forces into a shooting war and its sequelae at the behest of a Christian fundamentalist, whose Dad just happened to have been embarrassed by the same enemy a decade before.

    I would much prefer to let our version of justice take its course, but as a realist I know that guilty bastards don't hang, largely because we've allowed the lunatics to run the asylum.
  16. I'm with Nutty on this. Your kind of Britain would cease to be a cohesive society and would soon turn into anarchy. In practice the strongest would triumph at the expense of the weakest. That would mean that armed Muslim extremists could kill with impunity. You could kill back, but the result would be anarchy and civil war. The rule of law must be maintained and the social contract upheld, however imperfect such a system is. The alternative, as Hobbes observed in his famous book Leviathan, is that life would be nasty, brutish and short.

    Long live liberalism! Long live liberal fundamentalism! Liberty! :D :D :D

  17. FANKS MATE!!!!!

  18. In the words of the great Eddie Izzard:

    "I'm a sort of Radical Liberal, really. I say storm the houses of Parliament, kick the fcuking doors in, tell them "look, we'll pay for the damage..."

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