I originally wanted to join up as an OM(HM), more the Survey Recorder side. I was persuaded to go tiff instead and ended up leaving after my sea draft.

Feel like I have unfinished business and would like to know from people who do it or have seen first hand people do it, what the job is REALLY like. I know from OM(C) and OM(W) that the job was more cleaning than anything trade wise, no insults intended. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind cleaning but resent it when its overdone.

Also how long can I stay out without having to repeat Raleigh?

Thanks for any help


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If you rejoin within 2 years of leaving you only have to do a weeks admin at Raleigh. I know this because my bezzie oppo went outside, saw the light and rejoined!

I joined up with a load of Survey Recorders and to be honest they all came across as being fairly switched on. It certainly seems to be one of the better warfare branches to be in. However, I don't know if that still applies with Metoc & SR merged.


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Also when asked what HM stands for on your badge by a royal marie who takes you for your SPO course at whale island, dont say happy man!

Ive witnessed said happy man doing press ups while being made to recite the mantra "I am very happy sargeant!" all the while!


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I spent a little bit of time with the droggies.

They seem to spend a lot of time staring at sonar pictures.

In addition, they scoop up mud off the seabed, put it in little pots and send it back to Taunton.

Also, in addition to all the high tech sonar and GPS kit, they do things like stick a white disc over the side on a line and record at what depth the white disc is no longer visible!

Oh yeah, the accommodation on the new droggie ships is incredible. Two berth cabins! Not just that, they are also en suite!

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