And the London marathon was sponsored by Mars bars although what skidders in your nix had to do with it I've never fully understood.

How many more posts like this before it ends up in the barge Sarge?

edited because I can't spell skidders, I was always shit at spielong.


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On a more serious note, I have a solution for Greek debt crisis. The Olympics should be permanently staged in Athens so the rest of us don't have the capitalist bastards and the moronic tourists foisted upon us... oh, and let's get back to the original style - all athletes to perform naked. Geddin'!

Get your name down early, but think about what you might be volunteering for. If there is a mobilisation you might end up being employed in any number of ways. I would have thought you would necessarily be anywhere where you would see any events.
Thats for the advice and of course for the humour. I'm not interested in watching the games just being mobilised and haven't heard about anything else.
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