Olympics - Phase 2 clash

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Dryden7641, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. After picking up my tickets to my PRNC, my CA said that they will be looking to hold off phase 2 course start dates that begin around the opening ceremony so they can man the events etc. What's everybody's thoughts/views on this
  2. What do you expect people to say.. you'll be doing security at the olympics.
  3. Having said that It doesn't come around very often and you might get a chance to mince around london in a nice shiny uniform. Could be a laugh!
  4. Free access to the Olympics, lots of totty and mincing around acting a salty jack tar...what's not to like?

    You'll be spinning dits about this for years to come.
  5. A run ashore is what you make of it.
  6. Actually, I've come down from the puffy white stuff and can see that it'll prolly be really shit. Chance's are after 3-4 days of long shifts and monotony some young Lt will offer burgers and chips all round for morale, only to then tell you it'll cost £10 and point at a piss stained chip van.

    Thank god I'll be in basic.
  7. Oh I dunno SJ. I did the VJ ceremonies up town in '95 - some pongo sergeant and I I/C bagging up the goodies and stuff to give out to the vets (I knew that I'd made it then!) and it was a pretty standard work hard/play hard thing. The impromptu party in Chelsea barracks (WOs and below) was top stuff. Shagged some crabette. Nice epaulettes, but probably my flimsiest trophy ever. Not the slightest odour of mackerel.

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