Olympics how will team GB do?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Sumo, Aug 5, 2016.

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  1. 4 years on from a fantastic global sporting spectacular in London, how will Team GB do in Rio.
    How will Rio compare?
  2. When's the women's beach volleyball on?
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  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You don't get Womans beach volleyball do you Sumo!
  4. Yu are s predictable :):p:D
  5. I watch I enjoy, is there any rules?
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  6. Supporting skimpiest costumes,then see what Billy comes up with in an appreciation, in the interest of sport of course.
  7. Saw the opening, until GB entered, then bed time.
    They said it was low budget compared to recent games, I agree, but after involving the Queen, there is no topping that, even some events have started, let the games Begin (sodding golf?)
  8. Depends if they've kept up their spectacular doping regime over the last 8 years. Which judging by British Cycling, is in fine order.

    So we should do well.
  9. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    A spectacular world event showcasing women (And men if that's your style) in their prime.

    Whats not to like!

    Edit, cue Billy posting pictures of Russian shot-putters from the 80's.
  10. Better still Billy posting female beach volleyball, I have no idea if there is a men's beach volleyball?
    Watching last night, there are plenty of stunning competitors for Billy to google and post he can leave the blokes for another thread? Keep Billy happy for ages?
  11. 250k road race was bonkers, good day one but no gong's for team GB
  12. GB didn't have a genuine contender for that race anyway.

    Swimming world records are falling though.

    Edit: Given a 'braindead' by someone who obviously doesn't watch too much cycling....
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  13. Brazil v's Russia earlier. Nothing to see, evidently.
  14. Team USA are in with a fighting chance, I see.
  15. Women's Rugby 7's USA almost beat the Aussie, Aussie try and drop kick after clock had stopped made 12 points each, the U.S.A. try scorer looked like a boy?
  16. Have all the Russian spastics been banned from the other Olympics? I heard that they were caught using low profile tires in the qualifiers.
  17. I heard that the Russians Para Olympians had been band, is that what you meant Billy? I thought it was smuggling drugs in their tyres and inflated them with helium for the sprint's?
  18. French Gymnast has a mishap after vault, and then the Para Medics dropped him? What I did not see was his score for his vault and what marks were deducted for a crap landing, as the Olympics’ are every 4 years you would have thought he would want to know his score?

    French Gym.jpg

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