Olympics for the people bollox

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, May 20, 2011.

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  1. How many times has it been said that the Olympics is for the people and will be good for the nation.

    "Some 40,000 seats are available after the stadium capacity was halved through sponsors, VIPs and the media."

    It would seem to be like all other events and is something for those in the money club with the crumbs being thrown out to the peasants.

    BBC News - London 2012: One million bid for Olympics 100m tickets
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  2. I remember Ms Jowell and Mr, sorry, Lord Cole saying, on winning the Olympic bid. "The costs will not rise, this is how much it will cost".
    Well its now up to 12 billion. The ticketing has been farcical, you can't bid for tickets unless you have a "visa" card. It is all a bit too much an eletist event and afterwards the legacy will be a couple of stadiums, probably unused because there isn't enough spare cash for struggling households to use the facilities. Hotels B&B's have increased their prices. The Olympic mascot says it all. Cyclops The one eyed monster.
  3. When we live in a anachronistic class ridden society and put up with it, it's only right the the Hoi polloi should come last, what else did anyone expect?
  4. Where do you drag all this crap up from Finks? Class-ridden my arse! A few old Etonians in the Government and a Royal Family do not make for a class-ridden society - do behave!
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Fast forward to 2030 or so and recall the deserted, crumbling weed-strewn stadia and relics of the Greek Olympics. All this stuff will go the way of the Millennium Dome and Concorde and other Socialistic projects that only 'make money' after the taxpayer has written off all the capital debt. Meanwhile enjoy driving oin London next summer when the Queen's Highway is reserved for Olympics VIPs. Oh I do so wish France had won this one.
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    No need to wait until next summer for driving chaos, Weymouth looks like even more of a bomb site than normal, they have removed all of the major roundabouts and intalled (rather they are in the process of intalling) INTELLIGENT traffic lights, to enable those trying to get to Portland for the Olympic sailing events to do so more easily. A council spokesman said, "Its not quite right yet, just needs a little fine tuning." This must qualify for the understatement of the year.

    At the behest of the Olympic people Weymouth and Portland Council intend closing the public gardens at the Nothe and making it fee paying only for the Olympics, up to £50 a head has been quoted. Bear in mind that this is a public area paid for and maintained by the local tax payers.

    I like the idea of applying for a ticket to see an athletic event, having money taken off of me and then at a later date being told that I have paid for a ticket to the Clay pigeon shooting, good marketing.
  7. Well I will put it this way, if Sir John Prescott of Horses Neck wanted a ticket for the 100 metres final do you think he would go into the hat the same as us plebs?
  8. People like you make class distinction, because you walk around with an inbred sense of inferiority.

    I was brought up in a society which from day one at home and in school taught me the golden rule of life.

    "I am as valuable a person as any on the face of this planet, I am just not better".

    Learn that Finks and then chill, knowing that most of the divides are caused by money,and education, or in most cases the lack of it.
    You will never acheive parity of finance, as I for one would not work at the same rate of pay as a road sweeper. So more money more privellige. Simples.
    I don't give a donkeys knacker how people perceive themselves to be, there are members on here who try to pass themselves off as to the manor born. And who gives a shit anyway?
    I despite my "public face" on RR am as well educated as most in these threads, and the only distinction between any I concede to is that many may have more money.
    I joined the Navy on the lower deck by choice, my education gave me a clear shot at a commission, and after declining that, my dad was mortified that I would not even consider entry as an Artificer. If not for my mom being a little less authoritarian than dad, I would not have got concent at 15.
    That is a choice I lived to regret in later years, but I live with my choices be them good or bad.
    Stop feeling you have to curtsy and in no time at all you won't even consider it. I show deference to rank, it's respect, and to my bosses in employment, but have never laid prostrate to any and never would.
    Now if you don't think you're worthy ...well thats a different matter.

    And how does not having a "visa" card put you at the bottom end of a class divide?
    Borrow mine if you're that mortified. Although I generally go with my Master card, its Platinum.:glasses8:
  9. Wow a platinum one! I never mentioned visa cards it was another learned member and when it comes down to it I will get a much better view of the events sitting in front of my televison. As for respect I only show it to those who I have decided have earned it, not because someone happens to be my boss, not that I have one these days.
  10. You will notice the card remark was detached from the main body of the post.
    It was not addressed to you, and I accredited you and the OP with enough "mallum" to make the distinction.
    I tend to think little labels are rather infant school.
    And if you do not subscribe to "class" why do you consistently referre to it as some kind of yardstick by which society is measured.
    Breeding is just another form of education. I have been to Buckingham palace twice, envied the dosh that was apparent there, but other than feeling poorer did not feel subjugated or intimidated by people who "thought" they were better.
    My deference to my employer is just because of that, he is my employer and pays my dosh, not that he is the better man. But remember the old adage, "he who pays the piper calls the tune"

  11. I have always spoken my mind regardless of who I am speaking to and on balance it has not done me any harm.

    Anway to get back on topic, I did not apply for any tickets even though I have the required debit card. I would much rather watch the spectacle on television from the comfort of my armchair, that way I can be an armchair critic for a change.
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  12. Your good fortune then, but many have fallen by the Industrial wayside for in the cause of free speech.
    You obviously never worked for "Lord Sugar".:-D
  13. You mean Baron Prescott? Formerly Steward Prescott? That shining example of how, in our stratified and class-ridden society it is impossible for anyone who wasn't educated at Eton or Harrow to ever have any political influence whatsoever?

    Oh, wait a second...
  14. Wow - The OP has made his 50% point;
    yet without the 'Sponsors' there would be little icing on the cake and without the 'Meeja' we would not be able to watch from the comfort of world-wide homes/crofts nor read the multitudinous forecasts & analyses by experts of varying expertise.

    I seem to recall that the Olympic heirarchy made their pitch for maximum access for themselves long, long ago as part of their ROE. As regards VIPS I'd guess they only total a handful or two.

    Surprising how they all added up to 50% though..........:slow:

    As an Aside - Whilst it's not yet an 'Olympic' Sport the selectors for the Carrying of Heavyweight Shoulder Chips/Whining at National level already have a ready-made champion at RR. No prizes for correct guesses.
  15. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Janner, are you sure that bit about traffic lights just needing a bit of fine tuning wasn't lifted from that recent excellent factual BBC documentary 'Twenty Twelve'?
  16. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Dumbfcuk idea hosting the Olympics, may as well just give your taxes to Ron Jeremy. He can entertain.
  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You wouldn't believe the utter carnage in the centre of Weymouth, I'm sure Waspie can tell of his trials getting to work
  18. Nearly as dumb as Qatar winning the bid to host the world cup.
  19. I got my tickets and not with a visa card. I don't know what the fuss is about
  20. Twas I who stated that only Visa cards are accepted. One has to have a Visa card to purchase your ticket. Mastercard is simply not accepted. Its all down to the sponsorship Lloyds Bank (publicly bailed out to the tune of billions). So if you don't have a Visa card, and have applied for tickets don't hold your breath.....
    How many RRs, who live outside of the home counties intend /or applied to attend the Olympics?

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