Olympics 2016 the next big event

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Sumo, Mar 20, 2016.

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  1. Can Team GB repeat the success of the London games?
  2. Will do well but without the added home crowd not as successful. Can't wait to watch it though. Love these events

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  3. One of the few times Mrs S and I agree to sport dominating the TV.
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  4. Mrs JFH was in the last push of labour when Mo Farah won his last Gold, the midwifes were trying to watch her and the TV, I had a sneaky eye on the TV whilst also comforting her ;)
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  5. I take it Mrs JFH was not aware of your split loyalty?
    One of the girls from work volunteered as an Olympic helper and was in the stadium for Mo's wins, she remembers the noise the most, she said it was deafening in side the stadium, as well as exciting to be there.
  6. Nooooo :)

    When our eldest was born (2003) she had been warned the baby was going to be a healthy size, she said to me "if it is 14 lbs I'm not telling anybody", anyway young un pops out at a healthy 9lb 15 oz, I said to the midwife "tell her its 14 lb" :) "YOUR JOKING!!!!" was her reply, she has never let me forget that :(
  7. I know what you mean, I tried to joke with my misses during labour, but she seemed to have a sense of humour failure, just don't get it she was only having a baby?:oops::rolleyes:
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  8. Depends if they're as comitted to their 'programme' now WADA have woken up........
  9. All depends on the true athletes who claim they do not cheat and the cheats who also claim they do not cheat, some will risk all to be the best, and hope their cheating is not detected.

    I would love to keep all sports clean but whilst there is so much money to be had at the top, there will always be those that will not play by the rule but how the hell WADA checks up on the thousands that compete at the games I have no idea, we know that the medal winners are tested but also they can test any one at any time prior to the games.

    Look at Armstrong, claims all his winning career that he was cheating, not until he came clean did he prove his accusers right. But at the level he was operating it took a team to help him to cheat?

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