Olympic Opening Ceremony

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Joint_Force_Harrier, Jul 28, 2012.

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  1. What did you all think?

    Thought it was great and made me proud to be British.

    James "Loved by Women, Hated by the Enemy, Trained by the Navy" Bond was brilliant.

    Ruined by the oxygen thief "Shami Chakrabarti":pukeright:
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  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    This being New Zealand we watched the 1984 openning ceremony.
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  3. Mostly enjoyable, but noticeable by their absence,
    Queues of people waiting to sign the sex offenders register,
    Dole offices on signing days, Ennobled Lords and MP's queuing to get their expenses "certified" etc.
  4. Technically and artistically brilliant stuff, warts and all. I appreciate it wasn't intended to inspire my generation but there was something for everyone. So many clever references and sight gags that it was impossible to absorb them all in one viewing, especially via the TV camera. Sorry our maritime heritage didn't come out too well in the TV coverage but it featured right at the start.
  5. Thought it was superb !!!!!
    Really enjoyed it and think that it really summed up Great Britain. The walk through history and the music where great
    No more could have been done. Arise Sir Danny Boyle?????
  6. Outstanding! I am sure someone will drip, but I loved it.
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  7. A British history lesson that in all probability meant sweet FA to the vast majority of foreigners, IMO a poorly thought out feed of arse.
  8. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I didn't watch it and now that I know she was featured, I'm quite glad. Her only joke is, "I'm a Lebanese woman", ******* hilarious!
  9. wal

    wal Badgeman

    Brills apart from the dick Edwards on the commentary team.
  10. Very well done and and a lot of effort paid off, not too impressed with the aged McCartney, about time he just faded away like his voice. Couldn't quite get the point of having the 'oxygen thief' there, at least she cannot moan and groan, after all she didn't have to accept the offer to be there. Loved the way old Wallander strutted about like someone who had just solved a crime. All in all a good show.

  11. Agreed on your first point, but was it a lack of Jocks in frocks participating influencing your overall opinion?

    A very impressive display.
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  12. It was excellent, any criticism can only come from low brow philistines who lack the capacity for analytical and artistic thought and possess an intrinsic requirement to maintain a miserable outlook.

    McCartney is a ballbag though and needs ending.
  13. ??????

    What was displayed ? Things the UK has given the world.

    People all over the world know about our NHS and Benefits system,for sure.That's why they all try to come here and not stay in Italy or France isn't it ?

    The Internet, civil structure, fair play rules, the NHS, hospitals, and the most generous (foolhardy) benefit system in the world as far as I can tell (especially for our size).

    Oh, and let's not forget the best fcuking navy, too, in terms of professionalism.

    We paid for the Olympics in more ways than one - alot of people across the UK went without to make this happen.

    We have suffered from an erosion of identity and pride for too long. I felt it was an intelligent, brave performance and thanks to Mr.Doyle for having the guts to create it.

    Everyone will get what we were saying last night and if they didn't, they bloody well should.
  14. Finks, Your jaundiced mini-review is what we've come to expect from the depths of your well-worn Parker-Knoll; I'd guess that your piles are troubling you again after sitting down through it all. BZ :roll:

    My take on it? A very ambitious production given that huge cast of volunteers and all those scene changes appeared to be rattling along flawlessly. No TV screen could give it full justice but it was surely a tremendous visual spectacle all round.

    Agree 'history lesson' - Absolutely crammed with UK's parochial cultural references; but damn it - we are supposed to be eccentric and this show merely confirmed it to world wide viewers.

    Granted those elsewhere would be somewhat puzzled with much of the detail and pace change, but if it raised their curiosity surely their local media should have been on the ball to spell it out or dissect it all for them later?

    Symbolism at it's best: Highlighted by that cracking depiction of those huge Olympic rings being cast, hammered, then lifted skywards before erupting with fireworks; whats not to understand there?

    You missed a royal-knocking opportunity there, Finx: My first thought was that HRH was a look-alike, but what a cunning plan? I for one was quite pleased that HRH chose to enter the spirit of things and play that significant cameo role.

    Length? I understand that it was previously shortened by 1/2 hour; leaving out a skate board exhibish.
    My main criticism is that they could have shortened it a little further by trimming down on all those musical tributes, too.

    That Olympic Flame Bowl? Inspired by the pigs-ear bridge/fin voice pipes?
    Difficult to top that device for a piece of innovative engineering, eh?

  15. It took him 31 minutes but RR's resident party-pooper was first up to respond to your cue.
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  16. The cauldron is amazing, awesome piece of work.
  17. Aren't you dead yet? Come on, make my year and keel over.
  18. Absolutely outstanding it was, spot on.
  19. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    As a superior cynic and humbugist I expected to be finknottle's protege by 2359. But having seen the HM and James Bond scene I thought, this is going to be exceptional. It was. So good it easily absorbed the odd WTF moment like McCartney.

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