Olympic Mascots

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by TattooDog, May 19, 2010.

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  1. Not sure whether this post should be in here or the Gash Barge.

    The two mascots for the 2012 Olympics have been unveiled - one is for the disabled Olympics.

    To be honest, they look like something from a nightmare I once had as a kid . . .

    Times Link
  2. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    The kids love them. Seems they are aiming for the under 10's so works if they like them.
  3. They were talking about them on the One Show early. They are releasing a short film about them to give a background story. It is aimed at the younger viewers.

    I might be on my own here but I don't think they're too bad.
  4. I won't be either :lol:
  5. Well its original I'll give them that. Unfortunately unless you know your Olympic history (or read the article) the names will be lost on most people, as will a lot of the symbology on the...er...lumps of magical metal.
    A good idea and quite clever but possible something simpler would have been better.
  6. Although I don't appreciate how the mascots are supposed to represent Britain, I do appreciate the need to generate £ millions.

    So if they are popular with kids and sell lots of merchandise, then fair enough.

    I still think they look like someting out of a 1960s B-movie though.
  7. I saw them on "The One Show". Instantly forgettable.

    The only mascots I can remember are Mischa the Russian Bear and World Cup Willie.
  8. The Olympics 2012 Logo is bloody awful however. Having cost 500grand to design. Take the designer out and shoot him methinks.
  9. Yes I agree truly awful!
  10. Death penalty for a picture of Lisa Simpson dishing out a BJ's a bit strong.

    Agree with K640 - simpler would have been better - in my opinion.
  11. :?: Do these one-eyed poncing figureens have some conspiratorial connection with the Olympic efforts of a certain recently deposed PM perchance.

    :!: We should be told.....
  12. My thoughts, there bloody awful, they look like they belong on a Doctor Who set. But then again they are aimed at kids and with that in mind I can see the appeal, but at the end of the day I will be supporting the uk no matter what mascot they have.
  13. That's just made me think (well it was college night!) - UK?

    The team is, I think, known as Great Britain but that would exclude NI as UK is the 'United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Northern Ireland'. Mary Peters (for example) of NI was in the GB team all those years ago.

    I think you're right daffy, it is a UK team, but why the GB title?

    Sorry if that's a bit obscure - it's the OCD kicking in.

    I need pigeon holes.
  14. Has always been a bit of contention there with NI. Why the team is GBR and not UK us Northern Irish have never worked out. It begs the question - where do we stand? Do Northern Irish Olympians join the Irish team or the Great British Team? There is no Northern Irish team. Historically it has depended on the beliefs of the individual sportsman/woman but it's something which should be sorted.

    Unlikely though - it seems we are ashamed of any form of British merchanidising or branding in these Olympics so the chances of correctly repesenting the name of the nation is probably asking a bit much.
  15. It is indeed an odd one angrydoc. My assumption is that NI athletes would join the GB team but I appreciate that for some it may be a 'political' issue.

    The various definitions of this err...region, both political and geographical are confusing.

    In a recent conversation with a friend whose views make me look like a Thatchbitcherite I commented that despite my travels I had not been to any capital cities all that close to the British Isles, and worked out that the closest I had been to was probably Copenhagen (it was, I hasten to add, pub chat).

    She pointed out that I had visited Dublin but I said that regardless of her views, Dublin, like the rest of Ireland, is part of the British Isles - not a political statment but a geographical one. A 'fact' as they say.

    It took a while to get her off her slightly insane anti-Brit/English thing, but even she had to concede.
  16. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Being a bit of a spotter in these matters, looks like they have good visibility for the wearers but crap arm and leg movement. The arms look a bit short. They do look easy to maintain.

    I like the names, that's clever. If they pull in loads of merchandise money then that's got to be a good thing.

    OK, serious head off. Fcuk they're ****.

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