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Discussion in 'History' started by BONNACON, Sep 27, 2012.

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  1. Local vicar mentioned that there is a plaque in a church nearby inscribed to a matelot who served in WW2 at the age of 67 and states he was the oldest serving in ww2. I am going to have a look tomorrow to verify his name and the wording but it got me thinking. I'm pretty sure that there was at least a couple of 70 year olds who served on armed trawlers, perhaps some older who went to war in the trawler the fished in.
    Anyone know of any others.

    By the way I said rating but Admiral Sir Walter cowan was a bit of a lad in his 70's

    Walter Cowan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  2. As far as I know the oldest long time rating was George Parker, who joined the same year as Mountbatten, 1916 ! His last ship was H.M.S. Camperdown, 1962... & he was an A/B....... 46 years !

  3. I remember the bloke, via Navy News and I think Telex messages on the notice board.. Mountbatten's ship had a brass (??) ball at the top of the mast and all this guy did was polish it. Navy News and ships info sheets said he was the oldest at that time. I can't remember Camperdown as the name though it could well have been. I was on HMS Duncan at the time and it was the talk of the ship right then, but we were bored so it perhaps sounded interesting. :)
  4. Now that's a career full of ambition, wheres Rummers, looks like a bigger OD than him?:naka::)
  5. My bet would be Guantanamo bay
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  6. Actual location or just wishful thinking?
  7. Well he went to NY for a jolly last week?, so US customs sees this pikey type, earings and tats, mega suntan, with his shit in a bundle on his head, Elmer, yes Earl, get the waterboard and KY, we got us another.
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  8. It was assumed that AB Tubby Bridgeman was the oldest serving AB ---HMS Cook South Pacific 1957. The Cox'n was coming to the end of his Fifth Five but Tubby was older than him The Ship's writer couldn't help -Tubby's date of birth was unclear.Tubby ran the ship's laundry-- Laundry? A US Westinghouse washing machine and an ironing board. He kept the cumberbunds beautifully ironed however.Cook was a non-warship in that she was unarmed ,so perhaps time expired , older AB's were permitted to serve when experienced people were leaving the navy in droves.
  9. What about current serving AB's? I know a 39 year old one.
  10. Considering they can join up in their 30's these days, they'll be a fair few of them about.

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