oldest ever surviving member of any British Armed Forces

Discussion in 'History' started by the_crab, Nov 2, 2008.

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  1. He was at Blackpool last year for Veterans Day, I believe he is going to get a state funeral.
  2. I saw a programme on him this morning on the early morning news on the BBC. He is a remarkable man!
  3. Long may he keep going. To be 112 and in such sharp form is something very special.

    I can recall watching the Festival of Remembrance in the early 90s and they had the then only living recipient of the Queen's South Africa Medal (well into his 11th decade) in the audience.


    Indeed, this was the chap: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Frederick_Ives
  4. What a great man. Also read through that wiki its all wrong, never trust it.
  5. So just EXACTLY what is wrong with it,Oh Great Font of Naval Knowledge???
  6. READ IT. look at the birth date etc.
  7. 6 June 1896. 112. Problem?
  8. Yep now look at world record book, what is right?
  9. Where? What are you wittering on about?
  10. OO dont worry i give up. Dont listen to everything of wiki, ask lamri.
  11. Anyone can change the information on wiki and edit it. you dont the what world recordss are?
  12. Mr Henry Allingham,is the last surviving person from The Battle of Jutland,he is also the only surviving FOunder Member of the RAF on the planet.

    Henry Allingham was born in June 1896, and served in the Royal Naval Air Service which he joined in 1915 at the age of nineteen. He served in the Royal Air Force from April 1918 to April 1919, and also fought in the famous Battle of Jutland, the largest naval battle of the First World War of which Mr Allingham is the only remaining survivor.
  13. I'm well aware that wiki is unreliable, but I don't immediately go into in-depth research every time it is quoted.

    Assuming your last question was asking if I don't know what the world records are - no, I don't.
  14. Wikipedia does of course have an article entitled Wikipedia Reliability ...... as with any decent article on there it is extensively referenced from external sources!

    Of course if you find an error then you can always correct it so that others are better informed.

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