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Oldest (combined age) Sniper Pair?


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Ok here it is,During 42 Cdo's Helo assault to a blocking position above 40 Cdo's amphibious assault on the Al Faw Peninsula, in this phaze of 42 Cdo's OP a Sniper pair deployed, made up of the Unit training SNCO (CSgt) and an RMR (Sgt/CSGT who had managed to get deployed without a line number, PID? for the non-by-lingual). The RM CSgt would have been 35 minimum and the RMR (former RM Sniper Obviously) at my reconing was a minimum of 8 years his senior!
I'm hoping some more info will get dropped into this thread (apart from names unless you were one of the pair!) and no doubt alot of disbelief that an adhoc (combined age of 70ish) sniper team went operational!

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Hoofing! who was acting as his spotter? could be a combined age of 100+, I should have put operational sniper pair in the title.


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G****, the RMR CSgt, was by my reckoning 43 at the time.

(calculation based on the fact he deployed on OP CORPORATE (so minimum age 39) and recollection that he was approaching TX when he returned from his little romp - most blokes suffering a mid life crisis buy a Harley or a drum kit! ;) )
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Ginge would have been nearer 45. (We joined about the same time and did the same PW3 course)..


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Think you're right Timex; I'm 43 now and my feeling was that he was older than I am now when he mobilised.


Some of the PSC lot out there at the moment are in their 50's. The little British ones with Mokney accents still scare the shit out of me!


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