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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Illuminati, Feb 24, 2011.

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  1. Hi, im new to the forums so would just like to say Hello to everyone.

    So i applied to join the royal navy in jan 09 everything went well passed my RT, formal interview but failed my medical being slightly overweight.

    In 2010 i broke my ankle and couldn't train which put my application back further, eventually i passed my medical jan 2011 and PJFT february 8th.

    My question is when i eventually get in i will probably be 28 years old as i was told not to expect to get in this year, i'm worried being alot older than most of the other recruits how will i fit in? is there many other 25+ recruits joining? whats it like for older recruits at raleigh?

    Also does anyone have any idea of the wait times for chefs getting entry dates for raleigh? Cheers

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  3. Mate I'm rejoining at the age of 29. I'm 30 this year. Just make sure your fitness is good and you will be fine.
  4. How do Illuminati, don't worry about your age, I'm an old fart at 35 and still looking forward to crackin' on with it.
  5. yeah, i'll be turning 27 at Raleigh in May, so don't be worrying... one of the things they ask you at your interview is whether or not you can get along with people of all ages. If you can, your own age isn't a problem! :blob5:
  6. Yep, because that's all there is to it!!!

  7. Well I'm assuming he has the required intelligence and have the required attitude and determination to pass. So yeah if he has a decent amount of fitness he will be just fine.
  8. Bud, I will be 30 years old when i get to Raleigh and wont be sporting a english accent and i'm not worried. In the end we all will be in the same boat aiming for the same goal - to survive 10 weeks of unrelenting pressure. But i'm sure we'll have a blast as well when we not gasping for air.
  9. Haha ye, to be honest i can't wait to get there now, just the wait is gonna kill me.

    So where are you from then?
  10. moved from south africa bout 10 years ago. been doing hotel jobs until i decided enough is enough and i need a real job. :)
  11. I suspect older, more mature joiners will have a few advantages over sprogs at times
  12. I'm joining up 28 when I enter Raleigh so your not on your own. We may get called Grandad by the younger lads whilst training.
  13. Aye, however at least we have a bit more life experience than sprogs and know when to do as we are told and help our own cause
  14. I spoke to my careers advicer today he has offered me a place on logistics acquaint course set for may sometime, but he said he cant give me a time i will be waiting on the list to get to raleigh.

    I get the impression i'm in for a long wait for raleigh, any have any idea how popular chef branch is in the navy?

  15. Im 27 atm. might be nearer 30 by the time I get in. I think alot of older people are joining in the current climate.
  16. We shall see hey? Its sitting watching monglings get in before you that will get to you the most :p

    Realised today I must be getting old...I actually find facebook a nuisance
  17. You are in for a surprise then. Some older joiners are not as world weary as you may believe and sometimes struggle a lot more than their younger classmates.
  18. Thats what I was getting at mainly.
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Cooks popular, depends on the time of day and what people want.
  20. 27th birthday 7/7, date of entry 10/7. Gonna be a blast! Train hard, have no weakness.

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