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Older recruits - Submariner

Hello all,

Im 29 with GCSE qualifications and am looking to join the Submarine division as a Marine Engineer. I have always liked the thought of joining the Navy as a submariner. My main reason for joining as i would like to serve and get qualifications whilst doing so that i can take back to civilian life after service. As it stands I'm in a dead end job that has no routes for progression.

Am i too old to come away with any decent qualifications for the timeframe that i would be serving as i cannot join any advanced apprenticeships?

Is it worth joining at this age and do you know of any other people in my situation that have done the same thing?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.
Unlike Micky Mouse university degrees RN training does not dish out crap qualifications.
You aint too old at 29 to qualify and after serving and doing courses could come out with qualifications which are suitable for employment in many different fields.
Don't just sit on yer bum start the process of joining :)
@Oldrecruit . If you fancy it go for it. Firstly make sure you are going with your eyes open then get your family onside about periods of time you will be away on patrol for longish periods often without contact. Submarines are fascinating craft and their crews are usually tight knit but their day-to-day lifestyle is very different to the surface Ship equivalent. I was never an MEM and have no idea on their duties and demands but I'm sure someone here can fill in some of the blanks.
Good luck for the future.
Nuclear boats take a lot of looking after as they are the last steam driven warships, plus having a nuclear reactor. Maintenance wise they are manhour intensive. To give you an idea how complex a machine they are, roughly 60% of the ships company are MEs.

Also when you get to CPO you get a foundation degree I believe.
Just call that careers office and start the ball rolling.
Go in with your eyes open that you may be 13 years older than the youngest in training but you will have much more experience in life.

You are the first and won't be the last joining at your age.

Definitely worth doing as you would only live the rest of your life thinking what it could have been.
I'm 32 and in the process of joining as a warfare specalist just waiting for capita to pass me fit as they made me tmu but gp sent in documents last week so just waiting to hear back from then, got my interview on Wednesday to which is being held by shine over computer :)
Hi @Oldrecruit I'm 32 and I'm applying to join as a PTI(DE), I'm currently paused as I have to wait for Lockdown to lift and stay at home orders to disappear, before I can sit the NSRT as my GCSE's are not great.
I've got my pjft this Friday now the gyms are open , my time is 13.09 for my age group. I've done all my running outside anyone know what speed I need to set treadmill at and is it best to beat the time by loads or just make sure u get it cheers.

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