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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by older_joiner, May 12, 2010.

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  1. Hello all

    A quick question.

    Currently I'm 27 and I'm looking at positions open to me in the Royal Navy, specifically along the officer career pathway.
    I've been told that because I am over 26 when joining, none of the warry positions are open to me and that only logistics officer is, unless I have for example a engineering degree.

    I have a physics degree and the individual I was speaking to on the main careers enquiries phone line was unsure if that would make me eligible for other vacancies despite my age.

    Would anyone have any input on this as some of the other roles on the Royal Navy website look quite interesting.

    I've tried ringing my main AFCO this morning, however there was no answer so I have left a message and will try and ring again later.

    Many thanks
  2. Welcome to Rum Ration, OJ

    This might suit you:

  3. Many thanks

    It appears from that I can join up to the age of 29, however it dictates a first degree (I assume that means first class degree, ie a 1). Unfortunately with a parental death in my second year I only achieved a 2:2 Bsc (Hons).


    edit- I appreciate that it was 6 minutes from posting to response.
    I do promise I'm not just hitting refresh every few minutes :wink:
  4. I don't think it means a 1/1 mate. I think it means that the undergraduate degree you do is an engineering subject, as opposed to a Masters degree.

    Someone will be along to correct me if I am wrong.
  5. I am 97 per cent sure too that "a first degree" in this context means that you need a degree such as a BEng, BSc or BA and not necessarily a First Class Degree. In other words, a Postgraduate qualification is not required.

    Do ask the CA about this when he/she rings back.
  6. IANACA (I Am Not A Careers Advisor) so don't take this as gospel -
    First degree - It does a mean a bachelors degree, as most of the careers publications mention the degree classification (e.g. 2:2)
    However if you don't have what the form says, but you have done other qualifications (ie BTEC HNC HND) then ask your careers advisor about the role and mention your other qualifications as you MAY be eligible for an exemption based on your qualifications. Has to go down to AIB (I think) and takes a while but they may issue you with an exemption.

    I think if it asked for a 1/1 then the RN would be seriously lacking in officer applicants given a lot of civvy employers tend to be highly keen on applicants with 1/1 degrees
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Spot on.

    Science degrees, subject to verification by AIB with regard unit content, can sometimes be accepted in lieu of an accredited engineering degree - provided the GCSE's & A Levels are held also.

    Take all education certificates to the AFCO so they may take a copy & have them checked.

    Good luck.
  8. Many thanks for the responses.

    I will hold out until the careers advisor gets back to me.

    In the criteria it stated A-levels and GCSE's, however as noted above I took that as backup from the 1st class degree (ie you need a 1st class AND lower level qualifications).

    I know this is a terrible question to ask (akin to the length of a piece of string), but what is the delay in processing usually like?
    Being 27 now and the cut off being 29, would there be enough time for the application and process to run to completion?

    Kind Regards
  9. I would say you have time for sure, I was the same age when I started my application in 2009 and I have a BRNC place this year.

    My delay was about 3 to 5 weeks (I don't remember exactly)

    Also Weapons Engineering Officer might be worth a look? (someone did mention something to me about it being a shortage branch?) Worth an ask anyway

    I would definitely say if you don't keep fit already start now, as I found it hard to get my fitness up to the required level after 5 years of further and higher education and 2 years of backpacking. Good running shoes are worth their weight in gold in terms of avoiding injury.

    Plus have a read of the RN site in terms of ships, deployments and the role(s) you are interested in.
  10. Many thanks for the confirmation.

    Another aside question.
    I have gone down the AOSB route of things and the certificates I had were deemed not fully acceptable (I believe they are a summary and not the official certificates awarded by the examing board, which is odd because they were all I was issued).
    In response to this there were two options;
    - buy the certificates with a delay of 6 or so months and a cost of approximately £60 per certificate.
    - get the headteacher of my secondary school to produce a 'I agree and officiate the given grades to this individual' on headed note paper.

    Given this has been the official line previously, will this be the case again or will it be on the records still.

    Presently I am a member of the TA so I have a service number if that would make matters easier (or worse).

    Again, many thanks for all of the assistance.
  11. Hi

    Many thanks.
    It was after my phone call that I started looking on the navy website (although I did some prelim checking, however the age indicator is from 21-36 and 36 and over so I was unsure of eligibility), so haven't fully explored the other options.
    Thanks for putting another one in mind.

    I'm away with work until Friday shortly so I will be spending the weekend looking up roles and availability.

    Re fitness. I should be ok. My current 1.5 mile time is about 8 min 40 and I'm about 84kg so I'm not in need of a growth spurt :wink: .
    I'm doing a endurance canoe race 'down' the Yukon next month over 3 days so that sort of combines a interesting story and fitness.
  12. You lucky bastard. Let me know how you get on
  13. Will do

    The team is aiming for sub 50 hours, I've said 45 as a joke.
    It's 500 miles after all :lol: .

    Still it's all for a good cause (H4H).
  14. Have you made any progress with your application, older joiner?
  15. Hi Soleil

    I sent in my first stage application last Tuesday.

    I spoke to a recruiter at the office for another matter on Thursday and he confirmed that it had just arrived and that it would be until the middle of this week or so by the time it was processed.

    The job I quite like the looks of is Weapons Engineer Officer, however if I can apply for that position is on the good grace of the AIB as I have a physics degree and not the engineering based degree as stated.(as was mentinoned by IS-Potential and ninja_stoker previously).
    If I'm not allowed to proceed, then I will consider Engineering Management Training Officer.
  16. Just a update on this.
    I got home from work yesterday and had a letter informing me of a psychometric test next week (8 days time infact).

    So it is progressing quite quickly thus far. Fingers crossed it remains at this speed.
  17. Soleil

    Many thanks. I was perusing the workbook that I received and thinking it's been a while since formal education.

    Best brush up over the weekend me thinks.
  18. You're welcome! :)

    Be sure to practice against the clock, because time will be of the essence.
  19. Wont Pops have to take it nice and slow MAAM :wink: :wink:

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