old uns are the best

Hugh Grant is put in police custody in Los Angeles for purchasing the services of a local prostitute. As he enters the cell he sees Mike Tyson on the top bunk in for alledged rape, once the police escort departs Mike Tyson say to Hugh " Man I'm bored to **** in here glad youv'e dropped by so lets play a little game.
Hugh clearly pissed off says "Sorry Mike my heads a little flustered with events at the moment so games are out of the question. Mike says aggressively "Hugh I need to play a game which one Doctors and Nurses or Mummy and Daddy?? " Ok" says Hugh with a sigh "if I must we can play Mummies and Daddies" "******* great" says Mike "Who do want to play Mummy or Daddy"??
"Oh if I must I'll be daddy "says Hugh.
"Mmmmm" says Mike " Now come up here and suck mummies cock"!!!!