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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by scouse, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  3. I'm not sure I get the second one, Home is the Sailor. It says it has come home after 8 years and there is a picture of jack holding a baby not more than one year old, and he doesn't seem to be bothered.
  4. Stoicism rules.
  5. Why is it when you see old movies of the inside of a Control Room at sea dived they are all wearing their hats.
    I can't ever remember sat on the after planes with me bonnet on!!
  6. excellent scouse, thanks for showing a former boat, Andrew, 17 years before I joined her in final refit.
  7. Its either that or they are huge great caverns of space with enough room to play football in.

    Some of the early Bond films were like that if I remember plus they had a wren onboard! :!:
  8. OK I'll bite.The commentary says the matelots Aussie wife has come to the UK while the boat has been on passage.
  9. Perhaps the BOAT was LFS, but the crew was on a fixed commission:
    SM4 (Australia) (TABARD, TRUMP and a few others) certainly were up until the late 60s - perhaps Nutty will know ?
  10. SM 4 disbanded the UK boats after the arrival of the Oz 'O' boats in 1968-69 --ish .

    The T boats were replaced by 'A's early 1960's as far as I remember.

    I think the last of the T's were all gone by late 1960's

    Was with Sm 7 1968-70 and the A's all called in on the way home from
    Oz . I think aswell we had a couple of A's but they went home before 1970.

  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think that the T class went to Aussie (SM4) and the A class to Canada(SM6), A class were replaced by P/O over a period in the late to mid 60's in Singapore (SM7). I brought the Amphion home from Singers in '69 and Andrew went home just before us.

    There are quite a few pics of the A's in Canada, sent to me be the late Dave Perkins, on the Dorset site.
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I had it down as one of those well known "long" pregnancies, but on reflection you are spot on Isa. Boats stayed on station and crews changed over, I think they still do it now but call it something different.
  13. Hello Janner probably met you in Singers --worked on Amphion a few times
    We also had Aeneus and the Ambush call in or were Sm 7 getting relieved
    by the P and O's coming on station

    Happy times and ace memories

  14. As far as I can understand the purpose of SM4 was to give the RAN anti submarine training. The first 'T' boats to join SM4 were HMS/Ms Telemachus, Thorough and Tactician (1949 - 1957). They were replaced by three 'A' boats HMS/Ms Aurochs, Andrew and Anchorite (1957 - 1961). These were replaced again by three streamlined 'T' boats, HMS/Ms Tabard, Trump and Taciturn (1961 - 1967). Then the first Australian Submarine Squdron was formed. HMS/Ms Tabard and Trump stayed on untill 1969.

    Whilst we're on about SM4, dose any one know of a dog called Nigger? He was the Division mascot for about 12 years. He was run over by a pissed skipper in 1965 and his body was stuffed and then displayed in HMS Dolphin museum. I don't know if he was moved to the new museum at Haslar as I'v not been there yet. But anyway, I had the misfotune to serve with this skipper for about 2 mounths, what a pig's orphan piss head he was.

    Now, I'm not sure about this but I think he was the skipper that was run over by a dockyard train and killed whilst on a jolly somewhere. Dose anyone remember?
  15. Thanks for that Vp

    I remember Andrew on Sm 7 she went home in 1968 .
    Never saw a T boat at all in Singapore --68-70

    Was Faslane when the Isrealis did final work up on Dakar [ex Totem] and
    Leviathan[ex Turpin] that was the only time I worked on them. Gave them a lot of spares cos we didn't expect to see any more T's
    When Dakar sank we gave them Truncheon as a replacement 1968

    As for Nigger seen dits about him on the Oz submariners site and possibly
    the UK submariners site --

  16. Tabard left SM4 for passage to the UK in early March 1968.We went home the pretty way accross the Pacific through Panama etc.Some great runs en route.I think Trump followed about 12 months later.
  17. I was on Tabard 1964-67 with the 4th Submarine Squadron. Just as I joined in the March, Prince Edward was born and we got a splice the mainbrace from the Queen and a make and mend to boot. Remember the female reporter and a photographer from the Sydney Morning Herald poncing about trying to jam us all in the forends to take a photie of us wetting the babys head with our tots. It was hard work for her as she was pretty tasty and was getting chatted up and touched up everywhere she went on the boat. I got the distinct impression that she was glad to get down the gangway in one piece and see the last of us randy Pommie fcukers. LOL.

    Red Sailor

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