old submariners reunion

stopped for a wet in a pub in Crewe Saturday night "The Royal" it was full of submariners /blazer /tie/badges/ what a credit to the branch they are /had a right old chinwag with them/ give them my best whishes :angel12: :thumright:


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Re: old submarineers reunion


And best wishes to you too from the lads and lasses of the Merseyside Branch SA. There were a few branches represented there Sheffield, Manchester, Barrow, Gosport (forgive me for any I've missed). It was a great show from Shep Woolley as always and mine host The Brush did us proud with sumptuos and buckshee scran. All in all a great night and a fine tribute to the late Ray Hedgecock MBE by Shep. Nice talking to you on the night amigo.

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