Old style S/M Heads

Discussion in 'History' started by Nutty, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. I have posted this on the women in subs thread but feel it is a bit of Naval History which will never return and deserves a wider audience. So here it is how it used to be up until 1968 when the last T Boat was taken up to the reserve fleet in Fareham Creek.

    OK if we are getting into the shit house disposal stories lets tell our younger viewers how it was in the ancient days of T, S and U class D/E submarines. No luxury of a sewage tank each motion (get it) has to be disposed of individually from one of either the Fwd. Aft. or bunhouse, chuff and puffs bog.

    The item in question was a stainless steel pan a bit like that found on small boats or airplanes. It had a ball(round) valve at its base and a small chamber underneath from which led a pipe via the intermediate valve and the hull valve to sea. On the side of the contraption was a large handle like the brake on very old cars.

    Two rules applied to the heads.

    A: Nobody ever explained to you how they worked, be you new ships company i.e. part 3 or a visitor, passenger or trainee. To be fair we did tell the SBS but only cos we were scared shitless of them.

    B: Your could not operate or blow the heads whilst dived with out the permission of the OOW in the control room.

    So this how it went.

    1. enter fwd heads and have dump
    2. pull handle forward to allow turds to drop into chamber and flush with small seawater tap.
    3. put handle back to central position shutting chamber of shit off from you.
    4. lean out of heads, most fwd. bit of the accommodation space and shout thru water tight but open door to fore-ends watchkeeper “Shit Fwdâ€
    5. in good naval fashion he repeats the request, “Shit fwd†and gives three jerks on the old phone with the wanking handles.
    6. Helmsman, no one man bands on these boats, hearing three rings knows its fwd heads and shouts OOW “Shit fwd sirâ€
    7. OOW if he is happ to make a noise blowing the bog replies “Shoot fwdâ€
    8. with good naval practice the helmsman replies “Shoot fwd sir†and give his fore-ends phone three jerks.
    9. Fore-ends watch keeper hearing the rings shouts “Shootâ€
    10. Yes your picking it up the dumpee replies “Shootâ€.
    11. He then puts High Pressure air into a small bottle from the main reserves under the casing. Up to 25 psi above the current sea pressure.
    12. you then open both the intermediate valve and hull valve and push the handle fully back. The air rushes into the chamber and the turds go off to Davey Jones Locker
    13. shut both hull and intermediate valves.
    14. pull handle forward and crack open ball valve to make sure it had gone.


    This would happen on average every six months.

    Now don’t you P and O and Nukey-poo boys think you had it easy.


    The Fwd Heads actually consisted of the trap with no door a sink with hot and cold running water and Carbon Monoxide Filtration Unit. All was open and very visible to the passage way.
  2. I was a Jnr Seaman on the Forth and was given a three day jolly on a T boat. Totem, I think. Apart from memories of "hot bunking" and not getting more than a couple of hours kip at a time. The one thing that sticks in my mind was being escorted to the heads!! Yep, some hairy arsed sludgemariner was detailed off to baby sit, or should that be baby sh1t?

    Keep Striving
  3. :lol: :lol: :lol: I feel sick...

    What no training in bog handling? 8O The smell must have been lovely, what with no door. On the other hand, obviously that G-Spot training came in handy. I wonder how the lasses would fancy a doorless head - but hold on, they'll have got used to that at Raleigh won't they? :twisted:

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