Old Stomping Ground

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When I last lived on Hull Road the Black Bull was about 50 yds away on the opposite side of the road. It was then a Berni Inn with separate building in the rear as public bar, The Wayfarers
First time I walked in all conversation stopped, it was the watering hole of the nearby council estate Tang Hall and they did not want strangers in THEIR bar. It was at least a week before anyone spoke to me, apart from the staff. They turned out to be really good lads once they got to know me (I gave it a couple of weeks before I waded into the ladies darts team in case any of them were tied to the regulars) I was there to get shitfaced just like them, fancy dress party for a local lass on her 18th birthday, she had been a regular in the Wayfarers with her mam and dad for a couple of years.


I shaved half the beard off and went as an argumentative bastard on the beard side and plain old me on the other......whaddaya mean they are the same :-D
Pat in Chefs whites was a steak basher at the Berni Inn and came straight from his shift as er...a Chef, Kev 1 tied some leeks round his waist and donned brother in laws gas board ovies, yep...a gas leak, Kev 2 came as Finknottle. This would be early 80's.
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