Old ships.

Advanced Stokers party joining, 2 killicks and 8 stokers, she was on passage to Malta so we are in St Angelo poised.

One day away from her entering G.Harbour this happened


Our kid was MA out there at the time, working at Rinella W/S, he told me and when I told the lads they would not believe me, next day we caught up with her in Marsaslox, ( never could spell this word) where she was rapidly de-storeing Seaslugs, circa '70.
1970 Wreck, There were TWO major fires in the gas rm that day, G6's running at full boost at the time, on watch DG stoker was transfering fuel from Frd to Aft tanks to keep up with thier 3 ton an hour consumption. The vent from port tanks came out on the iron deck above gas room, for some strange reason best known by the builders the strbd vent was up in the gods in the gas room itself.
As is known you can drop a lit dog end into a bucket of dieso and nowt happens, force it under pressure through small holes in the vent cap and it cascades down onto red hot SIG & SOG and WHHUMMPHH, good job the M2 w/k was close to the door of the control rm at the time otherwise he would have been a gonna.
As soon as the alarm was piped said DB stoker realised his gaff and shot down the gas control room already full of bod's and in all the confusion nobody saw him cut the breaker to the transfer Pp.

Fire was fought from port hatch and quickly extinguished with foam, Cdr E was wanting to go in and inspect damage, Ch Tiff advised him not to as there was a danger of re-ignition, the boss insisted and ordered the small hatch opened up, second WHHUMMPHH of the day, Ch Tiff to boss 'Sir, fcuk off',
steam drenched and extinguished.

When we arrived on board next day the buzz was the weak kneed killick of the mess would not troop said DB stoker as he insisted stoker was in the dieso working space at the time ( they were mates apparently ) but DB stoker was ' spoken to' ashore by those that knew when we arrived back in Pompey