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Discussion in 'History' started by whitemouse, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. Anyone seen the Mail today?

    They are running an article of the ships that existed in the 80s that are not around today.

    Apparently of the 100 then, we appear to have 50 now, basically an indictment on Government policies.

    Any ex-crews out there with good/bad memories of these ships?
  2. I have just seen the list in the mail and YET again there is NO mention of the ambulance ships that were down there these being Hecla, Herald and Hydra. It is almost as if we were never there and it bloody well annoys me. I do wish these people who do the articles did their research.
  3. I knew those as Ocean Survey ships in the 70s.
    I must admit I didn't know they were there, but as I left in '79 and memories (some of them) fade..
  4. Similar article being run in the Sun. Cites Hermes, the 21 club, Antrim, Broadsword, Brilliant and some of the Leanders and whinges on that it's all the governments fault that they were sold. Conveniently forgets that bar the two 22's, all those ships would be well over 30 (most pushing 40) by now and that most of them went under Options in the early 90s anyway.

    Doesn't help the cause of the navy in the slightest - as ex_wasp says above, these people really should do their research. If Blair and Brown are to be held to account, then the nonsense of their claim about huge shipbuilding programmes should be exposed. Over ten years, three Astute ordered, none in service, four Bays ordered (three in service), four T45 ordered properly, none in service, no carrier order, no MARS (and we really need some tankers soon!), DD/FF retired left, right & centre.....
  5. White you are correct they were ocean survey vessels but for the duration of the Falklands thay were used as Ambulance ships to carry casualties from the Falklands to Montevideo, where by the way we were only allowed ashore to ditch gash. We disembarked the casualties tanked up if needed and then sailed again. Hecla was the first "hospital" ship into Montevideo since the second war and was also I believe the first survey ship to RAS since the second war (or so we were told)
  6. Hecla was a fine ship, had many good years on her, also as MCM command ship in Op Granby 91. She was sold to the paddies" and the twats let her rot, found some sad pics of her the other day, disgraceful end to a nice ship. I will post the pics, and then plot my revenge on the irish, mhwaaaa mwhaaaaa
  7. MV Bligh, former proud vessel HMS Hecla.
  8. Ling that is a disgrace to see her like that, she dont look right in that colour scheme or without all the red crosses she had on her
  9. I'm sure any ex bosuns / buffers will not be best pleased to see that ship's side...
  10. Isn't it supposed to be unlucky to change a ship's name ?

    And to call it the 'Bligh' - I would have thought it even more unluckier ?

  11. I remember when i was drafted off Hermes with another 6 lads straight after the Falklands & we were all crying, never happened anywhere else in my time.
    I believ Hermes(viraat) has come out of refit & has an expectant life of another 10 years, The last proper built carrier !! felt a lot safer on her than anything else & when i went on to Invincible later in my time was I glad.
  12. Article from The Sun
    The Sun

    And this was once a fine minehunter called HMS Nurton the last wooden warship ship in the fleet.... And now is used as wood chip!
  13. My old ship, Avenger, have nice memories of her. The 21 club....

  14. Saw the Tippoo Sultan (Avenger) of the Pakistan navy in Cork last june whilst on a short break over there
    Must admit to doing a double take as we approached the river seeing a familiar outline when you least expect it
    Ex Active 92-95ish good ships
  15. In 1992 I saw (and went on) the pride of the Bangladeshi Navy, namely the ex HMS LLandaff and (I think) the ex HMS Leopard. They were both fantastically shiny and very well cared for but the crew did tell me that they never went to see because they couldn't afford the fuel!!

  16. Enjoyed my 3 years on her as well , same time as you "Ling" as you remember my broken leg escapade so well , good ship though , sorry to see those photos , :evil:
  17. Enough to make you weep gents.
  18. Yeah I remember Don, I think it came under the heading "high spirits".
    I never feel the same way on any of the ships I serve on now, I guess because they are not "home" like the Navy vessels, when I think of my penultimate draft, I spent four and a half years on that ship and knew every inch of her, leaving that one was sad, and I actualy miss it.
    I was having an MRI scan in Bangkok recently and I don't know about the ones in UK but this little machine was really tight, they strapped me in it takes you inside this tube smaller than a coffin with my elbows pressed tight against the sides and about 3 inches above my face. I don't normaly have a problem with confined spaces but it wasn't nice, so to take my mind off it, I walked myself fwd to aft through the ship going into every compartment. Sad, but surprisingly efffective.
    Right, where's that taxi?
  19. MRI Scanners are tight , amazing how some bods fit inside them ,we normaly play them a cd , when we go in the room with the patients we have to remove all metal work because of the magnets , a while ago I was stood right next to it help slide the patient in , tight fit or what especialy if they have lots of lines in them , anyway we gets him in the machine , gets switched on and woosh up goes my right foot , I felt a right cxxt , I'd got my metal toecap theatre shoes on , needless to say I was out sharpish , unbelievable strong magnets , gone a bit off thread there , do appolagise peaple , :???:
  20. Hi there,

    Are your photos still available of the former Hecla? I am trying to compile a few memories on paper before all my grey cells fall out from duty.

    I am presuming you were on during Op Granby so hopefully my name is familiar.

    Nigel 'Doc' Mitton

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