Old Ships in Retirement in Chile

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Nicks, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. Have a look at these ships who have now been retired by the Chilean navy


    From the left: HMS Antrim,HMS Norfolk and HMS Achilles,doesnt give the name of the last ship tho.
  2. Maybe ARIADNE ??
  3. And I bet they are in better nick than what we have now.
  4. No change there then.
  5. The Kiwis Turned the Dido (Southland)into an Artificial Reef ,Discovery Channel has a film of it all
  6. The Chillie Navy took HMS Sheffield (type 22 batch 2). I remember seeing the dockies taking her to bits before she was sent away.
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Typical thieving Jan Docky bastards... :wink:
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  8. Do you think they would sell them back??
  9. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    As the Chilean Navy have the Type 23 Norfolk (Almirante Cochrane) they can retire the GMD Norfolk.
  10. Can never trust those dockies!!
  11. The picture is taken in Talcahunano Chile, we were there last year. It was great to see the old Ships again, like sailing into Pompey Dockyard 20 years ago. But they all looked in a very sorry state, although most were spotless inside, they were far from being operational.
  12. I remember seeing th Old Hermes laid up in India back in either 1999 or 2000 can't remember which year I was there in both years lol
  13. lsadirty asked if the ship was maybe ARIADNE ??

    It cant be mate. Two Leanders were purpose built for them in Yarrow in the late 60s and named Almirante CONDELL and Almirante LYNCH resepctively. ACHILLES was transfered in 1990. ARIADNE was transfered in 1992 and named General Baquedano. She was decommissioned from the Chilean Navy in December 1998 and sunk as target in 2004.
    Believe looking at the picture the other leander is CONDELL as she didnt have a major refit like LYNCH and ZENTENO (ACHILLES).
  14. I was on the BRAZEN when we had the misfortune to run aground and limp into the above dockyard and remember at the time recognising quite a few ships (which is fcuking good for a WOO) reminds me of a cracking dit that happened to our CAN MAN, a couple of Whooers, a sloping floor and his clothes........!
  15. Alimirante Cochrane is HMS Antrim.

    If you go on the HMS Antrim website you get a bit of speel about the ships but it doesnt really translate very well.


    Click on History.
  16. yep the old Almirante Cochrane was HMS ANTRIM. The New Almirante Cochrane is the type 23 Frigate formally known as HMS NORFOLK.

  17. Misfortune???? Is that the same as glaring cock up??? The only misfortune in the entire incident was that 256 matielotties jumping up and down on the stern couldn't budge her off the rocks :bball: :-

    Sack for officer who grounded ship

    Independent, The (London), Feb 18, 1995

    A Royal Navy commander who admitted negligence in allowing his 92m warship to run aground was sacked from his post by a court martial panel yesterday.

    Commander Paul Collins - decorated for flying helicopters during the Falklands conflict - allowed an inexperienced colleague to take charge of navigating the frigate HMS Brazen while sailing through notoriously dangerous waters.

    The 37-year-old commander, described by an admiral as a key figure in neutralising the Iraqi navy in the Gulf war, appeared at the hearing in Portsmouth with navigation officer Lt Matthew Payne, 25, and Lt Sarah Brothwell. All admitted negligently allowing the ship to be stranded on 12 September last year off southern Chile.

    Commander Collins also admitted failing to ensure navigation records were preserved, while Lt Payne pleaded guilty to failing to ensure such records were maintained.

    Commander Collins was dismissed from his present job, on the staff of the Flag Officer surface flotilla. Lt Payne was reprimanded, but Lt Brothwell was cleared - the panel declining to accept her plea of guilty "with regards to all the circumstances". She had been on the bridge of HMS Brazen for only eight minutes before the ship ran aground.

    The Type-22 frigate was stuck in a "nose up" position and all 256 crew were asked to take part in "co-ordinated jumping" on the stern, the court martial heard. This failed and three days later, on 15 September, the ship was refloated by two tugs.

  18. Hee Hee

    Taking part in the co-ordinated jump on the arse end, did have the feeling we were being set up by the small handed wonder (aka Jeremy Beadle). Clubz was doing his best to get us all in time, and we did have it on good authority that quote 'You can really see it working, keep it up!'

    Fcuked up a cracking run on the way back though!
  19. Google earth is a fantastic thing. I've just zoomed in on Talcahunano, Chile and you can see all the ships on the east side.

    I'm a proper saddo and lurve surfing google earth checking our places you can't usually see. I'm suprised that the russians havent kicked up a fuss about all the gear you can see in their ports.

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