Old Ships and what happens to them

Discussion in 'History' started by rod-gearing, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. Just info really but there are some books out called @Sail no more' and have loads of photos of old and recent ships that have been scrapped.
    Very sad end to some fine ships and submarines.
  2. Do you have a link ?
  3. You can get these books from, www.Maritimebooks.co.uk
  4. Lots have finished up at Cairn Ryan !!
  5. or stuck in pompey dockyard!
  6. I don't want to even look . It will break my heart. :cry:
  7. I wasnt Grey Funnel Line but spent 1969-1992 in the Merchant Navy- saw my first super tanker SS 'British Inventor' (220,000 Deadweight Tonnes ) in 1970 when I joined her brand new at Mitsubishi HI Nagasaki and I worked by her in the yard for 3 months..

    In the late 80's saw a rust streaked wreck being towed to a breakers on a beach in Bangladesh..The poor old 'Inventor'..

    Makes you feel old.
  8. One of mine, HMS Scylla, is also a reef, and doing quite well at it from a brief film shown on TV recently.
    Two others HMS Penelope and Danae are still serving with the Ecuadorian Navy.
    The others were broken up, except one, and it still upsets me to see pictures of my old "home", torn in half and sinking, with her pennant number still showing. Such was the fate of HMS Lowestoft - expended as a target.

  9. Torrens, my first sea draft, sunk as a target.
    Otama, museum in Westernport,Victoria
    Onslow, museum in Sydney.
    Ovens, museum in WA.
    Orion, cut up for scrap. :cry:
  10. Good grief Danae was only fit for scrap when I was on her in 74-76. Got to have the world's most travelled cockroaches, filthy tub. If you remember the Jimmy with the MBE and Royal Humane Soc medal he's an even bigger cnut out of the RN apparently.

    Only ships I get the least sentimental over is those that have carried good men to the bottom. HMS Barham comes immediately to mind. RIP mates.
  11. My old Homes

    Bulwark scrapped 1984
    Duncan scrapped 1985
    Mohawk scrapped 1981
    Fearless paid off awaiting disposal 2002
    Ajax scrapped 1988

    This makes me so sad when I think of the memories I had in these ships through the 60's and early 70's. I was on the first commission of both Mohawk and Fearless which makes it all the more upsetting. Maybe I'm a silly old sod but thats a big chunk of my life pulled to pieces. :cry:
  12. My old ship Antrim was finally paid off by the Chilean Navy last year.She was known as DLH12. Sad sight I must admit
  13. Hampsire - scrapped
    Yarmouth - sunk
    Euryalus - scrapped
    Antrim - sold to Chile
    Newcastle - payed of awaiting disposal

    Its certainly rather sad that an object that has featured large in ones life mostly ends up with an ignomious end.

    It's been said that to a matelot the ship on which he serves is more than just a pile of metal, its his home as well. Therefore he has a much greater attachment to it than say a squaddie would with his Challenger or a crab with his Tornado.
  14. I saw pictures of Devonshire being used as target fodder. What a very sad sight that made. She was my home for two years.
  15. Ahh, oops, errr.... ummmm... that was us from Illustrious with a Sea Harrier armed with a missile called Sea <fill gap here> followed by a torpedo from a sludgemarine as the Koo de Grah
    At the time I was the on watch Gollie
  16. Hi Nicks,
    Another of your old ships (mine also) can be seen in various stages of "undress" at the breakers. Just follow the links for "death of a lady" on the HMS Ulster website.

  17. Ta very much!! The bloody thing (Sea whatever) seemed to have gone right through the ship's office. Now, if I'd been sat in my old chair, the pay wouldn't have been done and it would have made my bloody eyes water!

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