Old Shipmates - Harry Childs

I have been contacted directly by Petra, the partner of Harry Childs, so although this is a repeat, maybe new on here may have info. This is a quote from her email:-

"Harry trained as an artificer in Gosport, then went on the happy hermes from 75-78 then he went on the warspite/resolution/conqueror and
vanguard. He went on to petty officer then left in the rank of a chief, mainly working as electrical engineer/ nuclear operator.
He was based in faslane and in barrow for most of the time. He served on subs Warspite/resolution/conqueror and vanguard from the late 70's to the early 90's".

So, anybody know of Harry who would be interested in getting in touch? Please get back to me.
Yes. She is his partner of some nine years.
He had a rough time from his former wife, she scarpered with the kids while he was at sea :crying:
He is mostly over that now and she wants to give him a good day out, preferably with some of his old ship-mates. All a worthy cause I can assure you.


Lantern Swinger
The lady also emailed me with the same request. I couldnt place Harry, but suggested Barrow Submariners Association.
geoff(ers) :nemo:
OK. so that's why she emailed me. I am a member of the Barrow Bunch! Any way we could do a search of all the various submarine associations I wonder? On their main website there isn't that facility!

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