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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by w.anchor, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. I would like to propose the setting up of a ship mates,units,teams and or staff photo exchange on this site. And would like some feed back as to the best way to do this if those who run the site are and in agreement.
    I have one more suggestion If you wish to protect your anamity one could advertise for instance (Photos available from the first commission HMS TITANIC 1911 etc).
    Any one interested :?:
  2. Before I make comment either way, can you provide more detail on exactly how you see this working pse?
  3. HMS Titanic? Was there one? I think not!
  4. No idea how it would work tbh - but did find a pic on here with me fine self on it and nicked it - nice surprise it was to see all those old faces
  5. It was meant to be a joke regarding anonymity and the non existence of HMS Titanic,It looks like it was a rubbish one then.
  6. Would it be possible to make a separate folder in the photo forum.
    I do see problems in protecting the anonymity of those wishing to take part and was hoping that those better qualified than me can suggest something.As just putting the photos on the site would I suppose clog up the site.
  7. You can upload as many pics as you want in the Photo Gallery - don't worry there is no danger of it clogging the site up.
  8. :oops: That would be the answer then.
  9. Would be of interest to me, depending if the phots went back 30 years.

    As my ex destroyed a lot of my piccies, it'd get the old grey cells working, and maybe a few memories to resurface.

    Have put a couple in the gallery, and I often scan to see if there are any old mates there.

  10. I have a shed load of HMS Ganges & the first commision of HMS Zulu including some official photos and the ships book, also other ships up to 1974.
  11. Post them up then shipmate, the more the merrier. :)
  12. For sale? :razz: :D
  13. calm calm down thingy :lol:
  14. Don't know where the years have gone, it was 42 years ago today I arrived at the annexe, just in time for a mug of tea with bread and jam.

    Hence I will be chugging back a few cool ones tonight in honor of all the my friends who are still with us and sadly departed from my recruitment. I have searched wide and far for my class piccy with no luck, drake 18 mess 97 rec LCW

    Just felt like sharing

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