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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by JonnoJonno, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. I've just had a shave with an ancient Gillette 'safety razor' that must have belonged to my grandad. Fitting a new blade (which I keep around the house to put tiny cuts into the breasts of my missus) I have to say that it is easily the best shave I've ever had. Here's one:

    Although delighted at my new dscovery I'm really annoyed that I have probably spent hundreds of pounds on gimmicky blades from the modern stable of products.

    The blade adjusts to allow me to shave a couple of days growth without clogging up, and the blades are super cheap. I hear there is a manufacturer which makes high-end replacement blades which are very high quality and last even longer. Anyone else discovered this or any other retro devices which are better than modern re-inventions?
  2. My Grandfather gave me a Rolls Royce clockwork razor a few years back, he used it during his national service in Palestine in 1946. As water was rationed heavily he was one of the few squaddies who could shave while he was out there.

    I replaced it with a new blade, it works as well as any cheap modern electric razor, but I wouldn't swap it for my Mach 3. They sometimes crop up on Ebay in a case and with a maintenance kit for around £20.
  3. I've heard of these, albeit spoken about in hushed tones by mysterious people in dark corners of exclusive clubs. I'll keep an eye out for one :thumbleft:
  4. It's called a Rolls Viceroy I think,

  5. The very same.
  6. [​IMG]

    Rolls Razor-- try one of these.My old man had one, & my son now has one.

    Me I haven't shaved for years, last time was when I got roped in to ride a Brough motorcycle ,being T E Lawrence for a film, they paid me extra to shave off.
  7. Jonno, does it shear a scrotum well also? If it does, I may acquire one.
  8. Why, have you lost your cut throat? 8O
  9. That would be a brave, brave move.

    It probably wouldn't cause as much damage as an epilator though. Having enjoyed a game of freckles not too long ago. It was agreed the loser would have to remove both sidies with an epilator we had "borrowed" from the wrens mess.

    He cried, a lot.
  10. A dit I posted on Arrse recently as a word of warning to others:

    I recently purchased a shiny new set of hair clippers. Due to the fact that my hair has been receeding since I was 17, I have found it most practical to cut it myself (number 1 all over). I have relegated my old and slightly blunt clippers to pube and arrse hair management duties only.

    Now to cut a long story short, I was practicing some pube topiary with said clippers and accidently caught the wrinkly part of my sack between the blades. The blades jammed shut around my skin and the instant shock and initial pain caused me to pull them away sharply. Unfortunately this action ripped a sizable chunk of skin off completely and left a large piece flapping around.

    Surprisingly there was a lot more blood than I would have expected. I spent a considerable amount of time applying direct pressure whilst attempting to clean up the blood that had sprayed all around my bathroom.

    Mr Winky is now OOA for at least a week while it heals and Mrs 2_Deck is not impressed. I also have a second hand pair of clippers for sale if anyone wants them, just need a good clean and they will be fine.
  11. 2DD, a lesson for all there; never ever give a shite what a woman wants or prefers when it comes to personal grooming.
  12. And lesson two, always have some quickclot to hand when shearing ones scrote.
  13. I hear you brother!
  14. Scrotal Quikclot - toasty!
  15. I recommend keeping your moist bellend well away from the area of application. That would be baaaaad.
  16. All too familiar..

    I'd say the only worse part to cut open is the skin right under your beak, stings like a beast :x
  17. Did Mrs 2 deck last week while you were greeting about yer bollocks at work, nurses uniform looked fab with the stockings does she swallow yours???

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