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I have recently found out that my Great Uncle was in the MOB 1940-46 ish. I have received a list of ships I believe he was on during this period, unfortunately I cannot find any of them on Google. I take it the Raleigh listed is not the modern day one. My Gran seems to think he was one of the early muppets i.e. Algerine type, can anyone shed any light on this for me and let me know what type of ships he served on. Any pictures would be gratefully received.

His Number started with JX28

Urode 1941
Antrim or Amtrim
Heligon 1942
Goverley or coverley
McKayjam feb1942
Utopia Aug 43
Finished 1946
HMS Coverley T106 A/S Trawler of the Dance Class built Ardrossan 1941


Part of the Royal Naval Patrol Service try the association web site to contact them.



Could not find a pic yet.


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SMW looks as though he served in Harry Tates Navy, the same as my Dad, very hard to find out much about the boats, mostly trawlers and motor boats. Engaged in minesweeping and boarding vessels to search for contraband in the main.
Try the web site as per Nutties post, there are some helpful people on there, but and its a big but, the records kept are a bit patchy.
Strange outfit, it was a navy within a navy and even had its own ranks, for example the Captains actual rank was Skipper.
Trawlers go to War by Lund is worth a read as is a small booklet called Harry Tates Navy by Jimmy Brown who served in it.
Nutty - you had me worried for a moment - I thought you had turned to god and were associating with Crushers. OBTW - It was Sam Reader - not Mick LEM on the Truncheon ? Easy was Dave Guest (got the GC on the Artemis for getting the Sea cadets off and shutting down what he could ? 71)


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If this is the RN Patrol Service I think the trawlers were taken up mostly with their original crews (hence 'skipper'). Maybe Antrim was the base. That should be in the Navy List even if the trawlers are not.

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