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Hi - I'm trying to help my Dad catch up ith some old navy mates. He served from 1955-1967 aboard HMS St Brides, Navrik, Apollo & Wasperton. He served on St. Brides in the Pacific 1960-61. Anyone got any suggestions on how to contact Paul Woodin, Dick Richardson, Tom King & Charlie Rankin who served along side him?

I have subscribed to Forces Reunited but to no avail. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks Jacqui


OOPS! My Dad's name is Robert Lynch, his nickname was Benny. The friends he particularly wants to catch up with were known as Bo, Dick & Brum - their names are now faded old tattoos on his arms designed in Singapore during some drunken shore leave! He left as an able seaman in 1967.

Many thanks


May not help but maybe same people seeing this could help me my dad was stationed Singapore 65/66- 68 I think - Chas O’Neill known as Mick I think - he was aPetty Officer when he left - joined 1957 trained at Collingwood served in Malta too (around 1964) on the Undine and Puma plus others - filled the hole in Undine when collided on manoeuvres - same problem re forces reunited - by chance dies anyone remember him?


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