Old RM Films

In 1982, post Falklands, I was attached to the RN & RM Schools Presentation Team. Whilst we were in the West Country. the RM Lieutenant on the team managed to get us a visit to CTCRM and we took part in a couple of exercises on the firing range and the endurance course. We also saw a film called, I believe, 'Nothing is Impossible' during which a helo was shown approaching the stern of HMS Hermes. The camera zoomed into the A/C marshaller's back until all you could see was the name stencilled onto his surcoat. I was that marshaller. Is it possible to find out whether the film still exists, whether it has been digitised and, more importantly, whether I could get hold of it, if not in full, in part.


War Hero
What a cracking dit, and I wish you luck.

But this is RR, so........... I was never a Marshall, but I have a rusty Sherrif's badge!

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