Old recruitment video


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Thanks for that @janner , great find :)
A lot of the footage was from my entry at Fisgard, plenty of familiar faces.
Didn't see myself though - probably a good thing :D


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Perhaps you should go back to this @Ninja_Stoker

It was possibly an advert/recruitung film like that which led to me joining in 1981. Good to see Arthur from Eastenders and every senior rate or officer sporting a beard.

Funnily enough the "Born in xxxx, Made in the Royal Navy" is heralded as our most successful advert ever.

Whilst appreciating it is quite good, it irks me that some recruiting people often forget the first rule of advertising is self-promotion toward your client so that they continue to use your marketing company.

Spooky that the people producing the stats are also the people who produce the adverts. The same people voted the "award winning" RN website as amongst the very best whilst the rest of us think it's crap.


War Hero
Odd recognise some faces, actors or young tiffs (spit) ? About the time I joins 74, notice not a mobile or media device to be seen, kind of reflex's how some of my civy mates were. Do remember that some of the girls that wouldn't give you the time of day at school, now had a different attitude when you showed up months later fit a chiseled by the RN. Joined in the Sept first Christmas home was fun, ho the memories.

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