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Old Pictures


Hello IAD
Regarding the clamshell branch badge:-

"To show the branch to which a Wren belonged special blue non-substantive badges were provided. These were:


Motor Driver: 3-spoked wheel

Signals : An arrow crossed by a lightning flash

Porters and Messengers : Crossed keys

Clerical Staff : Crossed quill pens

Postwomen and Telegraphists : Envelope

Technical Workers : Crossed hammers

Others: Six-pointed Star"

Thes badges were only in use from November 1917 until the disbandment of the WRNS in 1919.

Hello E1
H.M.S. FOXGLOVE was a 'Flower' Class Fleet Sweeping Sloop of the Acacia type, built by Barclay Curle and launched 30th March 1915. A Portsmouth ship, she was first commisioned in April 1915 under the command of Lt C.P.Hermon-Hodge R.N. She was placed into Reserve at Portsmouth on 11th November 1931. Later refitted as an Escort Sloop and whilst serving in this role, was badly damaged by enemy aircraft on the 9th of July 1940, whilst escorting a Channel Convoy

I hope this info helps


Lantern Swinger
forth60, many thanks for the info. I don't think the badge is blue on her Cape/Coat? although being a b/w pic I many be wrong. Wish I'd asked her about a lot of things when she was alive. My Uncle [her husband] was a station WO at Biggin Hill during WWII and my cousin [their son] was a bomber pilot in WWII [DFC]. They did their bit for sure.
I do remember my uncle telling me he did a 7 year unaccompained posting to an airfield in Mesopotamia [modern Iraq I guess] in between the wars [I bet leave was a bit scarce then] bombing the 'fuzzy-wuzzys' or something like that.........guess a lot has not changed much in that respect.


Hello ex1

These badges were definitely blue as I had 2 in my collection. Very much a light blue, but nevertheless blue.

Any chance you could post a scan of the photo?

Her Service Records should be available at PRO Kew

Very interesting family history. (7 years!!)

I will try and find for you more info on FOXGLOVE, where she was etc in the 1920s

Yours aye


Lantern Swinger
Not sure what you mean by post a scan of the picture....It's already in the site album. will pm you.
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